WhatsApp For Windows Download Latest Version

  Whatsapp For Windows Download Latest Version

| WhatsApp For Windows Download Latest Version is one of the chat apps are the most popular in the world. With such popularity, billions of WhatsApp users are spoiled with a variety of features that advanced. Through the application, users can communicate with anyone at any time for free all over the world, as long as the user is connected to the internet.

The user is also it is possible to send messages in text format, photo, GIF, video, sound, phone, and video call. Not only available on Android and iOS, the app can also be downloaded on PC or laptop.

But, before discussing further, it is actually like what the heck WhatsApp app on PC? Not much different with WhatsApp Web, the app also allows users to use WhatsApp in PC or laptop.

The advantage of the WhatsApp app on your PC is, the user does not need to scan a QR code multiple times, as long as the user has not logged out from WhatsApp PC or mobile phone. Unfortunately, not all devices PC or laptop can enjoy this application, which can only be used on Windows 8 and above only.

Connected With The Mobile
Although, WhatsApp Desktop is a way of communication the latest and fastest. But it depends on your mobile device, because it must be connected to Your Windows PC at any time. The weak point of this put the app a little behind its competitors; such as Line and Telegram. Because both are free from any kind of hassle.

Because WhatsApp app for the computer can be considered just a mere mirror of WhatsApp in your smartphone, so You still need a smartphone that is connected to the Internet to be able to use WhatsApp on your computer. It is the main drawback of the app WhatsApp to a computer that is also the same with WhatsApp web version.

Download Whatsapp For Windows 7
The advantages of the use of WhatsApp application on this computer is that You don't have to scan the barcode repeatedly from a smartphone every time You want to wear it.

This can shorten Your time when you're working, or just want to see the WhatsApp but lazy unlock your smartphone.

For the first step, You should get the file the master installation of the application WhatsApp for Windows on the official website of WhatsApp and the flood will be here.

In the description of the link above, even though in the description contains the Windows 8 and above, but after a try to Windows 7 still can.

In the description, there are two links to download the following explanation in a nutshell, namely: Windows 8 and higher (64-bit version) for RAM above 4 GB, while Windows 8 and higher (32-bit version) for RAM below the 4gb. As for the 4 GB of RAM-alone use is a 64 bit version.

After getting the WhatsApp files then install the file .exe file, after the installation is finished You can go in and scan the barcode.

Thus, the discussion of Download WhatsApp for PC. Quite easy, isn't it? Use this service for purposes that are important and don't use it to monitor or hack WhatsApp account belonging to someone else.

WhatsApp For Windows Download Latest Version

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