WhatsApp Business Download For Android Latest Version

 WhatsApp Business Download For Android Latest Version

WhatsApp Business Download For Android Latest Version is an app available for iPhone and Android that can download for free. This app is designed to consider for those who have a small business. WhatsApp Business serves as a communication tool for its customers by providing some tools to sort, automate and ready to handle incoming messages.

The cause of the creation WhatsApp Business is to look at the conditions where not many have the phone more than one because basically people would like to have WhatsApp for business purposes. By using the WhatsApp Business you can set to personal matters with work only with one phone number. therefore, WhatsApp-out of Business.

APP features WhatsApp Business Download

  • Catalog
  • Dropping Location
  • Information Hours Of Work
  • Quick Reply
  • Contact Labeling

Differences WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger

There are some differences between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger, among which:

1. Support Automatic Message

a very noticeable difference we can see in terms of features, where the WhatsApp business features support the delivery of messages automatically. With this feature you can schedule your messages automatically. May be the question to what an automated message that can send immediately?. well automatic message very important role when you are not in working condition you can add a message to automatically reply to incoming messages from customers.

2. App Logo

The second difference is that there is on the part of the logo WhatsApp, WhatsApp bias of the logo are shaped the image of the phone while on the logo of WhatsApp Business, there is logo of riot "B". The difference in the logo also reflects the features possessed between them.

3. Category Book

There are interesting features provided by WhatsApp Business where such feature is the category or can desebut also lebelling. This feature can allow you to group messages so you can be organized.

4. Add Another Number

You can also add other contacts to the profile of WhatsApp Business, such as the number of homes and offices. Whereas in WhatsApp Messenger, You can use only one number only.

5. Have A Verification Tick Green

Different with the WhatsApp Messenger, Your profile will also be marked with a green tick or a green badge. Condition, the business account You have been approved or verified by the WhatsApp. Green badge was later located next to Your profile name.

Start Using WhatsApp Business For Your Business

Arguably WhatsApp Business is the only chat app made specifically for business and is equipped with complete features. Moreover, WhatsApp is also used by most of the people of Indonesia as a chat app, so you do not need to ask your customers to download any other chat application.

You can download WA Business for free in the App Store or the Google Play Store, and you do not need to bother to do the migration if you used to use the application WhatsApp. WhatsApp which will perform the migration automatically.

WhatsApp Business Download For Android Latest Version

PublisherWhatsApp LLC
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsAndroid
File Size40Mb