Vine For Android Dowload APK Latest Version

 Vine For android Dowload APK Latest Version is an application that can allow us to do the making a short video with ease, anywhere we want. Besides easy to make Vine is also very easy to share them with a few seconds you can share it to your social media, like Twitter and Facebook

Actually this app has almost the same performance with an Instagram, with the view that we can make a video of the application, add a location, split automatically and named it after the Vine app in addition you can send the right video to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

When you want to make a video work, you just need to put a curse on the part of the screen and the video that you make a start do recording. When you release your finger from the screen automatically the video will stop recording.

As with any social media application other with Vine we can also add a friend, the friend, the family that would eventually see the video results of our work. You can also get more followers to watch all the videos You have created.

Behind it, we can see the work of others who have been divided and marked, for example, videos about nature, food, sports, adventurer and much more that we can get.

Features on The Vine
Video sharing app made by Twitter, Vine, has released some of its newest features for iPhone and Android. With these features Vine users it will be easier to record simultaneously edit the posting of videos.

The feature in question is the 'Sessions' and 'Time Travel'. Citing page Pocket-Lint, with both this new feature, You can maintain a few posts that is ongoing and edit that post before You share it to Your friends.
  • Features Sessions: allows You to save the post as a draft and work on it at another time. Interestingly, You can save up to ten of the draft. 
  • Features Time Travel: You can delete, organize or replace any photo in the post before You share them with Your friends. The trick, press the green button on the camera when taking a photo, or press 'Edit' when reviewing the post.

The end of the word. for those of you who feel interesting to try this one app can be downloaded below. admin is already a feel for the app kasi this is good to use and not complicated.

Vine For android Dowload APK Latest Version

PublisherTwitter, Inc.
System RequirementsAndroid
File Size1,2Mb