Viber Download For Android Latest Version

 Viber Download For Android Latest Version

Soft App Free | Viber Download For Android Latest Version, for those of You who are or have already switched to the Android device must have or might instead are using this app. Among the many messaging apps and VoIP calls, Viber is one of the applications that has the most complete features. What possessed by WhatsApp no in Viber, what was exhibited by the BlackBerry Messenger also there in Viber. The latest, Viber added a feature to send money via Western Union and bank accounts. Features that are still being deliberated by Facebook.

Viber is an instant messaging application and VoIP calls to smart mobile devices based on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Mac, Windows, and Windows Phone.

With Viber users not only can message each other, but are also imbued with the feature of sending pictures, photo, video and stickers. Viber Media as the developer even provide flexibility to users who want to send a text message along to 7,000 characters. On Viber, users can also make calls for free.

Here are some uses Viber For Android.
Send a message
The function of most common on Viber, namely to send a message, where this is the same with the app send a message to the other. however, Viber also can send it photos, videos and files as well. In the present face to face interaction is rarely done, there may be multiple causes, can was caused because of distance or other things.

Voice and video calls
When you miss someone or are there utilities that were not thought you can make voice and video calls. No longer need to meet in person you only high do the call.

Chat & group call
Viber has a feature where we can do voice calls and video calls to several people at the same time, so we could discuss if we have a problem, or we can joke with your friends.Join the Community is a great perkupulan a fan of football, and a thing. Well here Viber presents features komunisatas that you can use to build komunisatas you.

Sticker & GIF
Still feels incomplete if we do pepesana tetapih so alone. Sometimes we feel bored when the message we send just shaped like the kalima. Well this is the viber has a feature that can express yourself by using stickers which interesting and unique which is able to create messages that we send to be colored.

Create stickers & GIF
Viber is already equipped with a Sticker, tetapih Viber is also equipped with features to make the sticker itself that makes us more free to express themselves.
Express yourself perfectly with a sticker or GIF of Your own.

Encryption end-to-end
The main thing of a system that is about security where a system has no security means that the system it is not feasible to use, We will feel fear will lose the most impo. Well here Viber has been able to answer everything, on the application has been equipped with security end-to-end strong.

Viber Download For Android Latest Version

PublisherViber Media
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsAndroid
File Size55,7 MB