Telegram APP Download For Android Free Latest Version

 Telegram APP Download For Android Free Latest Version

Soft App Free | Telegram APP Download For Android Free Latest Version Today there are a lot of applications that allows us to send a message circulating on the market. Call it KakaoTalk, LINE, WhatsApp and BBM and many more other applications that is easy to use. Everything is present to make it easier for people to give information, such as news and information that's important.

Among the many instant messaging apps that are scattered in the Google Play Store, Telegram is the one that “feels”closest to our ears. Yep, the word “telegram” indeed we've long known and used long before the popular Android like this now. telegram is Expected that almost resembles the WhatsApp which we already know is very popular at the moment, but telegram is present to compete with whatsapp.

Telegram Is just beautiful and fast course? 

Telegram comes with a new feature that might be interesting to use it. Such features are the encryption of the message sophisticated. With these features, then we can send messages safely without the need of a doubt that our message can be in the know by another person. This makes us more comfortable when we have a secret message that we want to convey. Therein lies the special telegram.

Well to see the Features of the encrypted message can be utilized by selecting the menu Secret Chat, which is available in the options of the New Messages (which is located the icon top right corner). If it is select it, you need only to determine with whom you want to speak, after that, wait until he's online. You can also turn on Secret Chat directly from within the space of a conversation with your friends choose a picture and select Start Secret Chat.

History Telegram App

Telegram app was created by two brothers, Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Both make the task of each is different, Nikolai Durov he focuses on application development by creating a protocol of the MTProto which became the motor for Telegram. while Pavel took part in terms of funding and infrastructure through funding Digital Fortress.

After it is prepared with cooked, Telegram launch on August 14, 2013, to the iOS device. as for the Android launch on the 20th October 2013. That is, the Telegram was approximately three years. However, the achievements of the Telegram could not be worse, it tends to amaze. In October 2013 alone, or in the year of his first Telegram had pocketed the 100,000 daily active users.

This figure jumped sharply to 15 million in March 2014, less than six months later. Per month, an active user of Telegram touched the figure of 35 million and continues to increase to 50 million in December 2014.

A year later, an active user of Telegram touched the figure of 60 million per month and crawl quickly to the figure of 100 million in February 2016. Increase super fast this indicates that the user received with well what is presented by Telegram.

In terms of interface, according to my private Telegram indeed have a look that neat and clean. Simple as WhatsApp. A lot of people agree with me, and said that Telegram is similar to WhatsApp although the features are presented as accurately as BlackBerry Messenger or LINE.

Top Features in Telegram

  • Secret Chats
  • Mobile Number
  • Group
  • Channel
  • Security.


  1. Can be directly downloaded on the Google Play Store by typing in "Telegram". Select the App Telegram created by Telegram Messenger LLP. PAIRS.
  2. After Finished install select START MESSAGING. Enter now of your mobile phone active and used in HP installed this app.
  3. Enter the verification that is sent via SMS to your last. Usually automatic direct terverikasi.
  4. Enter Your Name to be displayed in your account in Telegram. Select OK (Check Top Right). 

Telegram APP Download For Android Free Latest Version

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