Starmaker Download APP For Android Lates Version

Starmaker Download APP For Android Lates Version  is a karaoke app that has been downloaded over 50 million times. Similar to any other app, StarMaker offers the karaoke feature that allows users to record a favorite song that they play, either solo or a duet.

These recordings can also be uploaded to the platform StarMaker and can be viewed, liked, and commented on by other users. The advantages of StarMaker compared to platforms other karaoke is located in the collections of songs in India-his, which is arguably quite complete.

Starmaker Download APP For Android Lates Version

Live in starmaker

If you ever use bigo live, actually, this feature is almost the same tampilanya. That we can do video chat with tens of thousands of people who are already standby in there. First go into the live room, looks like we're in the show 2 features a different function. The main Menu is the video chat feature that displays the main profile of the who's who already are in the room.

There we click on the profile picture of the main who's who we want to bring your video chat. We can choose from the most popular, and from the category of anyone who has the closest distance with us. It even displays the name of the city they live and how far the distance with the position we use the size kilometers.

But if we click on the video icon located in the lower part, we will in point to live streaming or broadcast directly to facebook and wa. In the live room this I also do not know whether it can karaoke live video with them using the karaoke feature, or can only video chat only.

Using a KTV Room

Different with the live room, the function of the ktv room is for karaoke as in the karaoke room or karaoke the real world course. After signing in ktv room, we can sign up right song we want to sing later on according to urutanya. Or log in to just listen to other people sing it. When we sing, there will be listened by all the inhabitants of the room.

Ktv room has a lot of rooms with different kinds of genres of music. So we are free to choose whether to go to the room of any suit the tastes of our music.

Sing in Starmaker

How to duet on starmaker almost the same way there on smule. We can search for the desired song, and then click nyanyi which will bring up a choice of 2 solo and collaboration to create a song oc. If we click on the title of the song, we will be brought to the 3 menu options, namely the top, collaboration and new.

Top Menu displays the who's who have been singing the song and got a rating or like the most. Menu collaboration is a list of oc the song that we can join. On the new menu contains anyone who is the latest singing the lgu such.

Features Freestyle

Long time no open starmaker there are a lot of changes. One of them is a feature of the freestyle where these features into a feature that is only owned by the user vip in Smule But features freestyle we can use without limit in a free and non vip starmaker can mennggunakanya.

This feature is found on the menu bar sticky main Song, and to lie with 2 other features party and features live. Freestyle is a style feature of free expression. For example if we want to sing while playing guitar or music instrument other, we can use the features of the freestyle this.

So freestyle starmake this is the page studoi recordings and yet there is the music. But we can't record anything here either video or not. For the settings remain the same with when we collaboration karaoke online.

 Starmaker Download APP For Android Lates Version

PublisherStarMaker Interactive
System RequirementsAndroid
File Size75,7Mb