Spotify Download For Android Latest Version

 Spotify Download For Android Latest Version - The music industry is always changing from year to year. While the distribution of digital music is still quite popular, currently a lot of users who prefer to stream music. In this realm, Spotify became the streaming service's most advanced and biggest, with millions of users around the world.

Despite that, the Spotify for android is not alone because there are still a lot of services or streaming apps music other not less good. But not much different from Spotify, but here I will not discuss the other.

Spotify Download For Android Latest Version

What's a Spotify for android?

Spotify Is an application that is engaged in services music streaming, podcast and video, with this app we can feel millions of music popular in the world. You can feel it anytime and anywhere.

Generally Spotify has the basic functions as a tool to play music offline and Online, Spotify has 2 types we can feel, that the first type of the free and the second type paid

The excess paid services

Although it can be enjoyed for free, Spotify offers a paid service that has a variety of advantages.

Users of the free service are limited by a few things, like can't play a song specific desired. On the free service Spotify only allows users to listen to songs in a random order in the devices they are.

In addition, in the near future Spotify also plans to close the user's access to some songs belongs to the artist.

No lag, free version users will also be "bothered" with inserts some ads that pop up every some time.

If you subscribe to the Premium version, users will get the best service, such as listening to music offline (offline) by downloading music is desired, skip (skip) a song without limit, play all songs in a specific, and listen to music with the audio quality of highest. In the United States, a premium service cost USD9,99 per month.

Specifically for users who choose the method of payment with credit card, they will earn bonuses free Premium subscription for 30 days.

The subscription can be terminated at any time if the user wants it, similar systems such as a video streaming service Netflix.

Features That are available on Spotify

  • Equalizer
  • Search
  • A Collection Of You
  • Play in shuffle
  • Listen to offline
  • Share music and podcasts
  • Audio quality
  • Spotify Radio
  • See the lyrics
  • Podcasts and events
  • Video
  • Local File
  • Play queue and History
  • Sort and Filter
  • Concert
  • Listen in private
  • Link Spotify to other apps
  • Autoplay
  • Cross fade songs
  • Follow your friends and artist
  • Activity Friend
  • Email The Fans First
  • Share your profile
  • Group sessions

In short, if You want to access Spotify with more comfortable on android, users of the app of course is recommended, because in addition to can be controlled more freely this application is also equipped with many features.

Spotify Download For Android Latest Version

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