Snapchat Download APK For Android Latest Version

 Snapchat Download APK For Android Latest Version

Snapchat Download APK For Android Latest Version an Android application that will allow you to stay connected with your friends by using only the image will only be visible a few seconds before they are lost forever.

How to work the app is easy: you take a picture, add some text if desired, select the amount of time that will make the picture look, and send it to your friends anywhere.

What is it Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the social media app to share videos and photos. I think this app is similar to Instagram, but snapchat could we use for voice and video calls from a variety of sources, swap faces, send stickers, voice memos and notes GIF, can broadcast Your life and watch the content.

Snapchat in the world is also getting crowded these days because smartphones are increasingly powerful and affordable, the presence of the 4G LTE network, internet package, with a quota of mobile data, plus the internet connection home more quickly. How are interested to use the media sosail this?

Re-create the world around You with the Lens Snapchat

In addition to AR that can change the look of you, Snapchat also offers a variety of ways to combine reality, rearrange the world around, and animate characters you!

Paradiva can change the environment you are in into the sea and located near some of the dinosaurs with World Lenses, raise the level of the uniqueness of your video with Full Body Lens, and using the Pet Lenses are cute and adorable to pet you

Download snapchat Latest version

For those of You who just use Snapchat, it might still confused how to use the app the latest version. Not only users Snapchat new feel confused with the latest versions of this. Long time user of Snapchat is also experiencing a bit of confusion in using the latest version.

This is because there are several display different icon in using the Snapchat app or You are new to Snapchat latest version. Here we will review about how to use Snapchat the latest version that compiled from a variety of sumbe.

Friend: The purpose of Snapchat itself to communicate, so that You can perform the communication, You must send a friend request first. If it has been confirmed and they accept the friend request, then You can do a live chat or share photos or videos. To send a friend request, You can add phone contact or by using the ID Snapchat.

Snap: Features a Snap on Snapchat alone used to take a photo directly from Your phone with using the front camera or rear camera. In the Snap feature, You can set the time to live of the photos taken. In addition, You can also add effects or edit your photos to make it more attractive by means of click the icon at the top right on the screen of your phone.

Discover: In addition to communicating with Your friends, how to use Snapchat other is by using the features of Discover. A feature where You no longer need to open the internet or TV to see the latest information both nationally and internationally.

In this feature has been provided in the latest news that You can read. Provider of the news is the news service as well as MTV, CNN, daily mail, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic and news providers other famous. To see a news service, You can shift the home screen of Snapchat.

My Story: In My Story, the photos and videos You've uploaded will be visible here. All video or photo that You upload can be seen by Your friends. However, all the photos and videos You've uploaded, is not always there. This will last for 24 hours only. If it has been past the 24 hours, all the photos and videos that have been uploaded will disappear by itself.

Stories: Different from My Story, the Stories are updates belonging to Your friends. Where all the photos and videos uploaded by Your friends can be seen. You can play the video repeatedly, but if it's past 24 hours, all the photos and videos will disappear by itself.

In Stories, You can also reply to the photo or video that has been shared by Your friends that. How to do this, simply double-tapping a photo of Your friend you want to message.

Profile: On the Profile, other people can see Your identity be it a photo profile or username and score. The function of the score itself is a measure of how active You are in using the app Snapchat. If active, then Your score will increase. To open the profile, You can do it by tap the icon of the ghosts up on the start page or simply Your living sliding the screen to the bottom, then Your profile will appear.

Live Chat: How to use Snapchat other is to call your friends directly. Not just a Facebook course that has a Live Chat feature, Snapchat will also have it.

Download Snapchat Apk

In order for the receiver to see the image, as a security measure, he must also have the application installed. If they take a picture and send it to you, you will receive a message that they want to send you a picture. This was done to set up on who you are sending and receiving messages.

The purpose of Snapchat, you will soon find out, is to send the image that is uploaded on the specific contact you. Why? Because people are getting the message will only see the message in a short time and will not have any trace of the message in a few seconds. If they keep the image the app will tell you.

Snapchat Download APK For Android Latest Version

PublisherSnap Inc
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsAndroid
File Size40,5Mb