Quicktime Player Download For Mac Latest Version

 Quicktime Player Download For Mac Latest Version

Quicktime Player Download For Mac Latest Version - Actually Apple is no longer providing support system updates and security updates for the application program QuickTime to the Windows platform since 2009, this is due to Apple Inc. the release of QuickTime X, which is specially developed for the platform Mac OS X. But the new recommended to Windows users to remove it at around the beginning of 2016, although in 2016 Apple released the latest update i.e. QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows platform.

It is related to the presence of the problem of security loopholes that recently discovered on the program QuickTime version of Windows at that time. On the page of the release of QuickTime 7.7.9 official, also mentioned the same thing. However, a special user of Windows Vista or Windows 7 can still use it, with the possibility of a bug.

Before the outbreak of the issue of security flaws in QuickTime for Windows platform such, it was the application user of Windows knows QuickTime as one player multimedia famous. In the previous few years people also get to know the K-Lite, Winamp, realPlayer, jetAudio as its rival.

However, until that moment QuickTime determined to be a specialist one media file formats, namely *.mov. The Format of the file is accidentally developed by Apple Inc. for preventive measures against the activities of piracy multimedia files, as well as competitors of the brand is a media player other.

The usability and Features of Quicktime

The main function of QuickTime is as system multimedia devoted to play a file *.mov optimally. However, because of support for the platform Windows've not followed, for those of You who use Windows might have to make slight adjustments so that the app is still running well on Your computer.

Apple Inc. until now, this specialized program is developed for the platform Mac OS X only. As a user of Mac OS X, You can enjoy the features in QuickTime X most update with support features in full. Here are some interesting features in QuickTime You need to know.

  • Convert media format : With QuickTime, You can convert video format *.mov that can be played in iPod or cell phone or share them via email. There are many choices conversion to various video and audio file formats.
  • Edit video :  With QuickTime Pro version You can perform Cut, Copy, and Paste also added a soundtrack, even rotate the rotation position of Your video.
  • Share videos via email:  With the device's iSight camera or FireWire connected to Your Mac device, You can create videos with a single click and share it via email.
  • Build your video library :  With QuickTime You can build a video library to save videos from internet to be ready to watch anytime.
  • Record a podcast : Attach a USB microphone and use QuickTime Pro to capture the sound that You can share through podcasts.

QuickTime is a media player that is powerful with interesting features that we don't encounter on a player that is more common. However, the completeness of these features while this can only be enjoyed by users of Mac OS X. Apple Inc. still not willing to provide full support for the platform in addition to Mac OS X.

In terms of performance, QuickTime is very nice to play multimedia files with extension *.mov, it is apparent in terms of performance and quality. Multimedia files with extension *.mov looked more nice played with QuickTime player than when played using a media player other brands. Download the latest Quicktime and free via the link below

Quicktime Player Download For Mac Latest Version

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