OBS Studio 32 bit Download For Windows

 OBS Studio 32 bit Download For Windows

OBS Studio 32 bit Download For Windows - At this time many of us see digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube streaming whether it be Gaming, Tutorials and podcasts. Well what the hell the applications they used to do the streaming?

Most on the streaming using the app Obs studio free download. Why use this app it is still a lot of applications, streaming another. A lot of people use OBS Studio As a tool for streaming and due to this application is easy to use, very lightweight and can be directly distributed to platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, in Addition the feature-fitru given very good and dancing to make the streaming obs to be comfortable to use it.

This simple app is made for the beginners, developers, gamers and also among the artist's many who use this one app. There are all kinds of streaming services that can be enjoyed by users of OBS Studio like a Twitch Client, YouTube, DailyMotion, CyberGame, Hitbox, Cash Play and many more that you can try.

Open Broadcaster Software Streaming

This is the approach I take, and for the stage of recording, I've been steadily using the application is Open Broadcaster Software, more commonly known as OBS. OBS also has the advantage that everyone can use it, because the app is free, open source, and cross-platform fully with the support on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If combined with software editing audio and video, You will get the video production workflow is reliable and flexible.

Features Of Obs

The features offered on the app Obs studio this is dancing here there are some features that we can enjoy when using Obs studio free download :

  • Outstanding Performance
  • Scenes & Sources Not Limited
  • Audio Mixer Instinctive
  • Configuration Options
  • Transitions Can be Customized
  • Dock Modular
  • Studio Mode

How To Download OBS

How to download OBS is very easy you can visit the Website of the receipt OBS https://obsproject.com. there you can directly download. in addition there you can also download under this admin has been providing the download link so you do not get confused looking for it again

OBS Studio 32 bit Download For Windows

System RequirementsWindows
File Size83,6Mb