IMO Download For PC Latest Version

 IMO Download For PC Latest Version

IMO Download For PC Latest Version Messenger app is a Third Party multi account messenger. Have You ever use Nimbuzz, eBuddy, Trilian, UberSocial, and so on? Similarly, the applications, IMO Messenger can connect the accounts of other messenger like Facebook, Skype, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, AIM, ICQ, and so on, summarize it in 1 app.

When You include user gadgets that are happy to chat or chatting in the virtual world and have a lot of accounts, IMO Messenger can be a good choice for You. Because it would be troublesome if You have multiple accounts chat like that, but each one all using different applications.

Imo is a free application that can be used to send text messages and make voice and video calls. If You want to more freely use this application, You can use the special application for the Windows PC.

Because, in addition to providing a special application for mobile phones, this app is also available for Windows PC. By using the Imo in PC of course, You can access the features of the pinned more freely on a larger screen, including text messages, voice calls, and video calls via webcam.

In addition, most of the features provided in the app version of the phone is also embedded in this app so You don't have to worry couldn't use the exciting features as well as features that are on the phone.

Features Imo

IMO messenger already has features that are almost the same if aligned with other messenger application, such as share photo/video, create a group chat, voice call, chat history, and so on.

1. Voice and video calls. As well as app versions of the phone, using this app You can also make voice and video calls to communicate with your friends or Your family.

You could use a headset and webcam PC so it can do video and voice calls smoothly. You can also communicate with users of the Imo using a mobile phone app or PC.

2. Send text messages and files. In addition to doing video and voice calls, through this app You can also send text messages and various types of files like music, video, pdf and other with no size limits for the file of 10G.

3. Easily installed and configured. If this is Your first time using the app the PC version, don't need to worry about the difficulty. The reason, the installation process of this application is very easy.

To get into the app, You can enter the phone number you used to register with Imo on your phone. This app will automatically sync data from phone to PC app.

4. Available in dark mode. Dark Mode is now one of the features that need to be owned by every chat application, this application is also equipped with a dark mode to change the interface of the application is to be more comfortable when used in conditions of minimal lighting.

In short, Imo is the right app for You who want to use the app chat more freely on a bigger screen.

IMO Download For PC Latest Version

PublisherApache Friends
System RequirementsWindows
File Size11Mb