Facebook Lite download For Android Latest Version

 Facebook Lite download For Android Latest Version

Soft App Free | Facebook lite download For Android Latest Version can be a solution for you which HP low quality like the sudden lag when accessing Facebook, a social media Platform that was initiated by Mark Zuckerberg is indeed a fighter. Although it appears different platforms of social media is new, and Facebook in fact, it still could survive this time. With all the added features on Facebook, of making social media app is getting heavy and wasteful quota. Especially for you who have HP Android RAM 2GB or below.

What's App Facebook Lite?

As the name suggests, the app Facebook Lite or often called FB Lite is a lightweight version of the main apps of the Facebook for mobile platforms, namely Android and iOS. Application FB Lite itself was first released globally in 2015 and is designed for countries with low internet speed.

In addition also Facebook Lite also eyeing the user is using a mobile phone with specifications mediocre, bad connection, and internet quota limited. The size of download Facebook Lite itself very much when compared to Facebook in general. Where you can just download APK FB Lite of 1MB only.

Although small in size, Facebook Lite necessarily equipped with essential features that have application Facebook.

Main Features

Although not a case Facebook original, feature-firur given by the facebook lite no less cool with facebook. As I've discussed above, the excess of Fb Lite is we do not need the strong signal to use this application and this application will not spend a lot of your phone's battery power. the following are some of the features of Facebook Lite:

  • Lightweight application
  • Consumes very little resources
  • Share data quickly
  • Compatible with Android
  • Stay Up To Date
  • Friendly interface
  • Receive and send messages without installing messenger app
  • Load data faster

The excess of FB lite is among other things :

  • Fast and light weight because the special right to users of 2G or EDGE
  • Efficient data course and the bandwidth is low (Economical Quota man :v)
  • The Small size of only 436 KB
  • Support android lawas
  • The look is Simple, Cool and Elegant
  • Not extravagant RAM & Memory
  • And much more

Facebook Lite APK Download 

If it is Facebook Lite this provide a lot of convenience for its users, then it can be download FB Lite latest apk the most lightweight with a very easy and practical because it can be done with through the Play Store. But before the user must pay attention to some of the description of app Facebook Lite as follows:

Facebook Lite Download For Android Latest Version

VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsAndroid
File Size1,6Mb