EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Download Latest Version

 EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Download Latest Version

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Download Latest Version - When we're using a laptop or computer, sometimes we are careless to remove important files on an external storage device accidentally. If the deleted data is still in the Recycle Bin, you can still return it. But if you have erased permanently, of course you're already starting to panic because it can not be returned the file.

No need to panic anymore because now you can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Software that is the application that can restore files deleted or lost on Windows.

You lose the files in the data storage device such external flash, an external hard disk, memory card, camcorders, SSD, mobile device cmdlet, RAID, pen drive, and so on, just use the software to get back your data lost.

In addition, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard also be the solution you under the data loss due to application crash, hard drive formatted, virus attack, partition suddenly lost, as well as other reasons that could lead to the data you lost. Later the software will recover the data with its own way to find the storage path is hidden.

Different with the application program file recovery another, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has interface page user friendly, so you first use it will certainly quickly understand how to wear it. The system works also potent in search of the data-the data is lost.

There are 2 scan process you can use, namely Quick Scanning and the Deep Scanning. If you already know exactly or approximately where the files you lost where, use them QuickScanning. System it will not take much time because just looking at some of the folders or files only.

How To Use EaseUS Data Recovery Software

As previously known, use EaseUS Data Recovery is quite easy to use. Consider the steps as follows:

  • First, You can install the software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard first on Your computer. If You do not already have the software You can download it in advance on the official website. Because at this time there are already latest versions,
  • After successfully installed, You can open the software, then select the drive where the loss of data or files you're after that click scan.
  • Wait a few moments until the scan process is complete, after which You will be displayed with two scan results, namely Quick Scan Result and Deep Scan Result.
  • If the file or data which You want to restore are located in the Quick Scan Result, You can directly print the file, and then click recover to restore it. This way You can do to restore files or data that has been deleted.
  • If the file that You are looking for is not there in the Quick Scan Result, then You can look Deep Scan. This way can also be done if You want to search for a file that has been deleted in the long term.
  • It's just the process of deep scan takes more time compared to the scan process of the ordinary. Even so, You can get maximum results.
  • If the file or data You are looking for have been found, You can directly restore it by checking the file, and then click Recover.
  • After that, You can directly get the files you want. So no error occurs, You can put the files to recover to a different drive.

If the data you are lost, just try direct download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You can find them at the official website in EaseUS You can choose the free or paid. Although free, you can already get the features that it supports to recover the data you lost.

It's just a given limit returns the data that is 500 MB. If you want more, you have to pay for it so upgraded to the Pro version of her. You're that lost data is now not need to panic anymore. Download, install, and use. In some time, you already get the data you lost or deleted.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Download Latest Version

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