Download Twitter APK Android Latest Version

 Download Twitter APK Android Latest Version

Download Twitter APK Android Latest Version. Who is not familiar with Twitter? Maybe You don't know him because of Your generation gadget users who are already enamored with the application of social media that is popular such as Facebook and Instagram, or addicts chat application like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, and so on.

Please be aware that Twitter is one of the pioneers of the medium of communication short messaging free web-based, far-away days before there is Whatsapp and Line to dominate the market applications of instant messaging. Twitter can also serve as micro blogging, he is also a micro social media competitor social media giant Facebook. There was even research that the amount of chirp on Twitter a lot more than the amount of status on Facebook. All right, let's just for a little review of what it is Twitter, as a review as well as an introduction for those of You who do not know him.

Twitter is a social media service (social media) or in the country of origin of the author is known by social network. Twitter is included in the category of micro blogging. Why is called micro blogging? The uniqueness of Twitter is that we can write a small blog in the format of a paragraph at a maximum of 140 letters every once in a post. If likened, wrote on Twitter it's like playing a video game PlayStation Portable, while writing on Facebook like playing a PlayStation Console with LED display 20".

1. Twitter as a place to vent: Twitter is a platform which in addition to can be used in two directions, it is also used for the needs of sharing its users. Sometimes citizens of Twitter likes to share his personal experience through tweeting funny to sad. It all came back again to the user in utilizing Twitter.

Clearly, Twitter is already such an e-books daily for you who want to shed heart's content or to share inspiration to fellow users. Usually users who like weblog would very like to make a thread or a thread that is the tweet continued.

When someone makes tweets, other people can respond to the tweet with the comment, give a like, or retweet. The interaction that exists on Twitter is very engrossing and other than the other.

2. There are various features which makes you comfortable: You can mute any word that you do not want that the word does not appear in your Twitter timeline you. You can also mute topic following you that you think is toxic.

If there is a standard that you think negative, you can also report the standard is to be handled-party Twitter. On Twitter, users do not need to worry about the feed as in Instagram. Twitter is social media enough to be a drug user to extrude a break and stay healthy mentally with the various features provided.

3. Twitter always show trending: The show is trending at this time, users will not miss news updates ranging from domestic to everything that is being viral in the world. Twitter provides features trending, so users know a discussion of what is being viral. Guaranteed you will always be up to date!

4. Twitter as a social media: it is no secret that Twitter users are very welcome if anyone wants to invite friends. And only on Twitter, you can be chipped at will on the posts of people you have not known. The interaction on Twitter is very open, giving the opportunity for its users to make friends as much as possible.

If someone want to be famous on Instagram, he usually should strive to beautify the feed that may be poured quite a lot of money. Different with Twitter to write down things cute and creative, guaranteed notifications to Twitter-you will be broken. That means you're already so selebtwit. Wow, congratulations!

Features that are on Twitter

  • Photo collage
  • Hotkeys smart
  • Twitter Archive
  • Buffer Tweets
  • Pinned Tweets
  • Mute Account
  • The post Moving Images or GIFS
  • Embed Tweet
  • Tweets by SMS.

How? Interested in playing Twitter again? Because the truth is, Twitter can also be a source of the news is accurate as long as we follow the account-account is correct. As long as we can choose and sorting out the content of the good and the bad. Everything is back again at the discretion of the user in utilizing every social media there is. Welcome to play Twitter!

Download Twitter APK Android Latest Version

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VersionLatest Version
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