Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows

There are many ways to rotate a video on Mac os the one with the QuickTime Player application created by Apple company.

Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows

What is quicktime player

Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows is a video player that has the appearance of a small and interesting. Video player software is developed by Apple and released in 1991. The player almost play all format film and is the only permutar video playing format from Apple .mov. Not only play, the QuickTime player also can record, edit and share audio and video files on the Mac. in addition QuickTime is also can be used on Windows devices, But on the Windows version there are several Features that are not sky version of Windows, it just can be felt on Mac OS X.

Quicktime media player

Is not foreign to us, the Apple Company is known by the quality of its products is high and it looks elegant. QuickTime is a Media player that is able to provide the quality of the video high and better than the Media player application to another with the presence codec H264, of which standard the video has a size wider in HD.

Quicktime movie player

You can use this feature to play videos in various video formats. In this feature in addition to playing the video, you can also pause, rewind, speed up video and adjust the volume. You can also shift on the time line is displayed, so that you can go backward or forward quickly or in accordance with the time. In addition, you can also play it with full screen, rotate it using the split-screen and also do it on your Apple TV from QuickTime player.

Record Anything Easily

In addition to play the video as most of the video player to the other. The QuickTime player also allows you to perform recording from the camera, the screen and also the audio on all your Apple devices. There is an option in the record menu such as HD camera the screen or the internal, external microphone or the device, and also a selection of high quality or maximum. In addition, this feature can record just the audio or just the screen. Making it easier for You to do the recording according to Your needs.

The following existing Features In QuickTime
  • Convert media format
  • Edit video
  • Share videos via email
  • Build your video library
  • Record a podcast

With a new face on the last version, we're a little more interested. QuickTime latest has the resources are very good. so we do not need to bother to play the computer with the specs to run it

Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows

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