Download Parallel Space APK Latest Version

Got a lot of the account Facebook? Or you've got 2 accounts for WhatsApp and also Clash Royale?

If yes, you must use this app, so I can run 2 account belongs to you simultaneously in 1 smartphone. All applications can be run simultaneously with this cool app.

App Parallel Space

Download Parallel Space APK Latest Version to work with the unique way, in which he provides a virtual space for the application to then duplicated. By doing so, the user can access the same service but with different accounts. For example, on Your current device no WhatsApp, Parallel Space will duplicate WhatsApp in a virtual machine, so You will have two applications on one device and access each with a different number.

Download Parallel Space APK Latest Version

Software Features Parallel Space

  • Doubling The Application
  • Incognito Installer
  • Password
  • Speed Mode
  • Notifications
  • Task Manager
  • Storage
  • Swipe into Parallel Space

How to use Parallel Space

The use of Parallel Space is quite easy. After download and installation, the user can directly open the app Parallel Space. On the start menu, there is a short introduction of what it is Parallel Space. Then the user will be redirected to the page of the control panel. To add the application to be duplicated, the user can tap the Add option of the App.

Although it offers practicality management app, Parallel Space still has its drawbacks. Running system virtual Parallel Space is quite heavy, and sometimes requires the loading time is quite long when open the Parallel Space.

Applications that have been duplicated will not appear in the home page of the smartphone like any other application, but rather appear in the control panel Parallel Space itself. The user must access the Parallel Space first if you want to open the application which has been duplicated. In the control panel Parallel Space itself, there are ads that may be disturbing to some users. Interested in trying?

Suppose you want to create a new account for Whatsapp application, then select WhatsApp. After adding the WhatsApp, then Whatsapp will be duplicated and attached in Parallel Space. Whatsapp has now doubled. You can directly access Whatsapp through Parallel Space and login with your old account or create a new account.

Although there's not much to be proud of from the side of the interface, but to talk to the features of Parallel Space really able to answer the needs of users through its features. Almost no criticism I can throw over the two days of using Parallel Space. Some users have complained about the battery consumption is increased, I felt that it was reasonable because the device process the two accounts simultaneously. 

Download Parallel Space APK Latest Version

PublisherParallel Space
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsAndroid
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