Discord Download For Android Chat for Gamers

 Discord Download For Android Chat for Gamers

Discord Download For Android Chat for Gamers. Usually the chat feature of the sound is already provided in the game, such as game free fire, mobile legend, pubg mobile, and many more, all offer a chat feature voice to its users, the goal is only to last for easier communication between players or player.

But there is a bit of a problem when we turn on the feature of chat this sound, for some phone that has a speck low will experience lag until it crashes the game, so gamer or players rarely activate the chat sound and the sound that is produced directly in game voice is not clear.

Then it should be the application to replace the function of the chat feature in game, sure buddy've never heard of or have never wear them, yes that is an android app and PC which is called discord.

Discord is a voice chat application that provides a variety of features in it. Basically discord serves to be a container community of gamers. In the android Playstore own Discord has reached 50 million downloads. For users discord has a variety of functions such as voice chat, listen to music together , forming a community and others.

Discord Download For Android Chat for Gamers

Features Of The Application Discord

  • Chat Voice
  • Server Chat
  • Create A Server
  • Link Discord
  • Share The Server Through The Link
  • Invite A Friend.

New Menu For Discord

A voice chat application, Discord, the coming of a new feature. This feature allows users to share screen alias screen sharing. This feature is present specifically for the Android and iOS users. As the name suggests, this feature allows the user to show the appearance of their phone screen to the user Discord more. When using the features screen sharing, user can share the screen display to 50 other participants on the call voice chat.

Party Discord said that such a feature can display video with high frame rate and low latency. Therefore, the feature of screen sharing is claimed to be suitable for used to stream games or just watch a YouTube video together.

To preserve the privacy of users, Discord also presented Do Not Disturb mode. To enable this mode, then all incoming notifications to the mobile phone screen will not be broadcast when screen sharing is used. Screen sharing own actually has been present in the Discord since 2017 ago. The difference is, this feature is only available for Discord PC version only at that time.

This feature can be found on the new icon that is listed in column a call voice chat. When the icon is clicked, it will pop up a notification of new show features screen sharing. However, this feature can not be accessed on the app Discord downloaded on another phone. It seems Discord new will roll out this feature periodically.

Discord Download For Android Chat for Gamers

PublisherDiscord Inc
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsAndroid
File Size82,4 MB