Camtasia Studio Download For Windows Latest Version

 Camtasia Studio Download For Windows Latest Version

Camtasia Studio Download For Windows Latest Version is an application that is used by the video creator beginners to process the video to be more interesting and unique. in addition to being used to edit videos Camtasia also can be used for their decent desktop.

This Software is really popular for us to use as a recording desktop activity to the manufacture of any tutorial that we think is worth to share.

This app is also commonly used to create video tutorials, demonstrations, presentations, and instructional video. In addition, equipped with the features of screen recorder, this application is also equipped with features to edit the video, including the feature to add effects, music, titles, annotations and so on.

If You want to make a video that is instructional, then this one app could be the right choice for You. Because, in addition to can be used for free, this app has a number of interesting features that you can use while making video

Camtasia is suitable for a variety of everyday purposes such as :

  • Make video Tutorial
  • Make Video instructions
  • Create Video demo
  • Make a Recording of the meeting
  • Create Youtube Videos
  • Make training Video
  • Make video Lesson
  • Make a Recording of the webinar
  • Create instructional Videos
  • Create an explanation Video
  • Make a Recording of the presentation
  • and much more.

The Functions Of Camtasia Studio has the ability to save vidio results of the recording (record screen) in 3 types of files after format and direndering which include :

Save the file in the form of a video that is usually known by the type of the file with ekstention avi, mpg, wmp. It can be rotated media player or Quick Time, with this program can set the operation vidio liking, for example if you want to speed up the movie or want to return keawal and other sebaginya.

Save in the form of Macromedia Flash Player that has the type ekstention SWF. In this type can be run with the program Macromedia Flash Player.

Storage in the form of html. Where in this type can broser to the internet so that the applicants / users of interactive learning media can be access via the internet.

The Main Navigation In Camtasia

In this software there are four main navigation that we need to understand that we can use and understand the software, the main navigation is :
  • Record: to record activity or activities on the desktop computer.
  • Edit: used to edit the recorded results have been previously recorded on a desktop computer.
  • Procedure: function to produce recordings that have been on the record as well as in the previous edit.
  • Share: serve as the finishing or final results of the third points above, we can share the results of the record which has been made into the form of a CD, DVD, MPEGA, IPOD, IPON, or save it into your blog or web that we have.

In short, if You are looking for a screen recorder application for the needs of creating a video that is instructional, then Camtasia Studio is one of the applications that You need to consider. In addition can be used to record the screen, You can also edit your video recordings directly in the app.

Camtasia Studio Download For Windows Latest Version 

PublisherTechSmith Corporation
System RequirementsWindows
File Size515Mb