Bip App Download For Android Latest Version

  Bip App Download For Android Latest Version

Soft App Free | Bip App Download For Android Latest Version. One application that is also popular with the emergence of a new policy of WhatsApp, this is the Beep. The app comes from Turkey this advertises itself as a platform for communication safe and easy use which is available for free. Through this app one can make video calls, voice, picture sharing, video and can share our location with other users.

The office of Communication of the Presidency of Turkey and the Ministry of Defense of the Country even rumored to have to remove the group conversation to the application to Beep this. Alerts January 20, 2021, this app can translate messages into more than 100 languages. In addition, another feature offered is the presence of features of group video calls up to 10 people, detailing the weather and exchange rates.

What It Is An Beep

As noted previously, An Beep is a chat application from Turkey, and not much different with chat applications other. BIP APK also has a variety of cool and interesting features. This app as an alternative way for you to use as a replacement for WhatsApp, if continue using WhatsApp we can not guarantee the security of the data we will be abused by them. Therefore, there is no harm as a citizen of Indonesia, join using An Beep that.

A Beep is also equipped with features, simple display, in addition it offers all the ease to its users. BIP can you get for free, to be able to meet the needs of you guys to communicate day-to-day. For those of you who do not know what features are there in An Beep. Please continue to refer to this article.

Features Featured Beep 

Beep has the same standard features with other chat applications such as communication via text, voice, or video. However, there are some excellent features that distinguishes it from other apps in its class.

Chat app this can do a video conference with 10 people at once with HD quality video. In addition, photos and videos can be sent without compression, in contrast to WhatsApp. Then what are the features in the Application of Turkish-made this, let's see the explanation below.

  • Free Calls
  • Change Theme
  • Group Chat
  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Custom Your Own
  • Share Location.

Other unique features that the translate feature automatic/real time to 106 different languages, and there is also a disappearing message, as well as Emergency Mode that allows the chat continue to take place although there is a network interruption.

However, the most important of course is its security features. All data Beep stored in a data center in Istanbul and Ankara. Communication and data encrypted using TLS so that can't be read by the party not liable in the middle of the road.

Thus, we can convey about a Beep that you can use, please download and install the application above. To be able to perform communication with relatives as a replacement for the WhatsApp application. Good luck, hopefully this article useful to you.

Bip App Download For Android Latest Version

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