Apowersoft Screen Recorder Download For Windows

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Download For Windows is a software which we can use to record the screen of your desktop in your pc or laptop as well as sounds that are then stored in the form of video file. You can save your video recordings in various formats including AVI, MP4, FLV, and SWF.

Actually a video format that is produced by the program format WMV, yet in the program Apowersoft Screen Recorder've also provided a converter that can change the format of wmv to other video formats according to our desire without reducing the quality of the video
the results on screen recorder itself but it all must have layana Full.

screen rec for windows is actually a lot of other competitors who have the same free screen recorders interesting and good. namu on Apowersoft Screen Recorder has good features so apliki kasi this desebut best screen recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Download For Windows

Recording Mode Screen
Apowersoft Screen Recorder provides four modes to record screen display:

  • Full Screen to record anything shown on the monitor screen without exception.
  • Around the Mouse to record the area around the mouse. You can determine how wide the area is recorded by selecting the preset that has been provided in the Apowersoft Screen Recorder.
  • Custom Area to record the area you selected on the screen. The Area of this recording you can later move during recording is still ongoing. His removal can be done with or without pause.
  • Select Window to limit the recording area only on one of the windows software that you are running.

Features and advantages Apowersoft Screen Recorder:

Some Recorder: Quite a lot of features and advantages possessed by apps Apowersoft Screen Recorder, which is its main feature as described above that can record Your PC screen activity at once with the audio or sound. The quality of the video image that is produced from the job record activities on the computer screen is quite good and quality.

Voice recorder: For recording quality sound is also very good. So it can support video quality in general. In addition, there are useful features for you so that You can also record your own voice which will be combined with recordings that have been there before, of the file in your computer or PC.

As a Device the Video from the Screen: The next contained in the application Apowersoft Screen Recorder is that you can capture video from screen, webcam, or Apowersoft screen, which is also available on Skype, MSN, GTalk, and other. The results of the recording is also with high quality.

external devices: You can record video from an external device to another.So this feature is the complement of the previous features.

As a Game Recorder: Take or record video games on PC screen easily. This facility is quite useful for anyone wanted to share the tutorial to play the game that you play. May want to share how to pass a certain level, tips or tricks specific in the play, even want to show the quality or the ability to play the game itself to the public or a lot of people. Many factors or causes a person to record the computer screen hers when playing the game.

As Penakap Video streaming: We can also easily record video directly from the stream on your web browser. As video streaming famous in the world of TV Twitch, BBC, CNN, livestream, and other streaming also We can do. So this feature is considered very special and very useful. Maybe you want to take pieces from video streaming to be used for something or you made the video to stored in a computer course.

Image storage: You can save the pictures that you take into image formats such as JPG, PNG, BMG, GIF and TIFF. This feature is also not less interesting with the previous features, of the video is running, we can take a picture of it in accordance with our wishes.

Edit Video: You can also edit video by trim the duration or take on a specific part only. If you feel there is a part that is not necessary and want to throw it away then be able to use this feature. You can also do settings other costumes easily.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Download For Windows

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