AIMP Download For Windows Latest Version

 AIMP Download For Windows Latest Version

AIMP Download For Windows Latest Version
 is a music player application that is very stylish and it supports many audio formats without the mess with the pluggin. You do not need to download and search for pluggin to be able to play a file di AIMP Terbaru ini. multiple media formats supported include : WAV, MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WMA, UMX, and many more other audio formats. This Media Player is a software which is very small, so it is very light to use on the computer.

In addition, the appearance of AIMP Terbaru is really cool if compared with other media players. This Software can be installed on various versions of windows like : Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Other advantages of aimp is, this software has a display that is easy to navigate and not complicated. So I boldly said that the aimp be a music player top board resembles well as winamp. don't forget that the number of features aimp also one of the advantages of this software. And the following features possessed and their functions.

1. Change Language: Application Software aimp able to support a lot of the language of the country. This is sweet news for those of us who rather fret using the English language.

2. Playlists: Aimp has playlist feature. While the playlist itself is used to classify music files in a playlist. With the playlist You are able to determine which songs You want to put in the playlist, until You play it. The songs have been listed in the playlists will be continuously saved even if You close aimp or shut down Your computer.

3. Equalizer: It feels incomplete if the music player without equalizer. Well, the good news is that aimp also use a feature that is the man they call the equalizer. The Equalizer is very much of its usefulness, which one of them is to set the output sound of the music You play. For example: You are capable of ascending lower the sound of the bass in Your music, sound, treble, and others.

4. Add or remove file: With features add or remove a file, You could specify the one-to-one or all music files in a folder to put in the list of playlists. Then, from the playlist You are also able to delete the list of songs one by one or all at once with the add or remove this file.

5. Sorting files: Sorting this file contained in the playlist. Uses that to sort the list of music in the playlists based on specific categories. Example: based on artists or the artist, based on the duration of the song, based on the title or name of the song, or based on Your folders.

6. Search: The search feature could You use to perform the search against the song in the list of playlists. Of course this feature is of great help to You if in the playlist You there are a lot of music. By searching the title of the song on the search, You will be presented with the song You're looking for without the bother looking for it manually using the scroll.

7. Skins: The skin feature allows You to change the appearance of the aimp of the standard to be who You want. Currently there are two default skin of aimp, namely the pandemic and pandemic all in one simple. In addition, that on the skin feature You are also able to change the color of the skin aimp according to Your taste.

8. Visualizer: Visualizer that visual impact on aimp when the song is playing. Well, here are some of the the impact of that could You use to suit Your dreams.

9. Audio converter: Features of audio converter could You use to convert or change a format of audio files into many formats like: MP3, OGG, WMA, FLAC, and APE.

10. Scheduler: Scheduler features You can afford to enable as automatic activity, You can afford to set to turn off the music according of Your dreams. In fact, You could set let Your computer off automatically a few hours ago just by utilizing the features of the scheduler is.

11. Streaming radio: Features streaming radio on aimp, You can afford to use to find and listen to a lot of radio channel on the internet. This feature is very cool for those of You who don't have the radio again in Your home.

12. Try control: Features try control is very exciting, in which with this feature, aimp will terminimize and get fused with the toolbar.

The conclusion, of the many advantages it has, I suggest to You to download aimp terbaru, let You able to taste a lot of features that a music player this one.

AIMP Download For Windows Latest Version

PublisherArtem Izmaylov
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsWindows
File Size11Mb