Zoom Meeting Download latest Version


Zoom Meeting Download latest Version

Zoom Meeting Download latest VersionThe term “video conference” may be already familiar in our lives now. Yes, that's right this time, many agencies are forced to conduct their activities from home often use video conferencing to stay connected with colleagues or other members are for one event. There are a variety of media used to carry out a meeting or video conference, one of which is the Zoom Meeting.

Maybe you have already started to feel that Work from Home aka WFH no longer become a habit, but rather has become a culture for those who are lucky enough to get this opportunity. Even if not all the people can feel the WFH due to the impact of COVID-19 we feel at the moment, but since at least April 12, 2020, is already more than 3.7 thousand companies in the Capital of implementing the WFH.

How the hell did a Zoom Meeting Download that is often used by companies to control their employees who are working while doing WFH? Here's How to use zoom app meeting and how to keep safe when using the app zoom meeting here.

Zoom Meeting   is an application that is made by the billionaire, Eric Yuan, which was launched in January 2013. In addition to the application, Zoom can also be used through the website, either for OS Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. If you register yourself on a Basic account which has some advantages, such as:

  • Can conduct meetings up to 100 people
  • Free 40-minute video conference for a group meeting, you can repeat if the duration has been exhausted
  • Sound quality and HD pictures
  • Screen-sharing
  • Access to the virtual background
  • Schedule to record
  • Divide the users into several “room” with the features of Breakout Rooms.

if you need the space virtual meeting rooms for more than 40 minutes or more than 100 people, you could use the Pro account that paid, Business, or Enterprise with coverage starting price of US$14.99

How To Register For The Zoom Meeting

So you can use the Zoom actually quite easy, you just need to register themselves for free, either through the app in android or the website, quite easy isn't it?. Here's how to list:

1 the List On the website:

  • Open the Site of zoom.us, and then click the Sign Up button.
  • The contents on the part of the email with the email, then open an email from Zoom in your inbox.
  • Click the ” Activate Account” enter the new password. Congratulations, your account is already active!
  • If you already have an account, don't need to be long again simply Sign In, then enter your email and password that you used when you signed up Zoom Meeting.

List In HP:

  • Open the Zoom app, please select Sign Up.
  • the contents of the email, the name of the front of you, and the name behind you. The tick of approval of the Terms of Service. Click Sign Up.
  • Open the email and Click “Activate Account”
  • the contents of the password to the account Zoom yours. Finished.
  • If you have an account, live Sign In.

However, if you use HP not only the constraints on the small screen, open the Zoom Meeting using the HP also has other shortcomings, for example you can't change the profile photo.

Yes, to turn photo profile we just can do it only by using the website

If you are using a laptop/computer, also make sure you install the application, yes. Therefore, there is a slight difference when using the Zoom in the browser with the application, that you can change the appearance of the virtual background through the application. Why is this important?

If the room that you use are in a state of disarray or inappropriate displayed during a meeting, you can change the background of the room into images that you can choose for yourself. Zoom app provides three default background that you can use, but you also can include other images with 16:9 ratio with a maximum size of 5 MB.

Service Application Zoom

So do not get confused, you should know that there are some services offered by Zoom, namely:

• Zoom Meeting

• Zoom Webinar

• Zoom Room

• Zoom Phone and Chats

• Marketplace App

However, to do video conference with colleagues or employees of the office, companies more often use the Zoom Meeting. Therefore, the same as service Zoom other, the Zoom Meeting can be accessed from anywhere. In addition, the completeness of the features provided Zoom Meeting also been quite sufficient to do a discussion or meeting online.

Well, don't get you wrong set, Zoom Meeting different with a Zoom Room, yes. If in the Zoom Meeting, you only need a laptop with a camera and a microphone, Zoom Room requires a tool that is complete again.

Because, Zoom Room is intended for meetings that require either video call or face-to-face so you require a specific tool to use Zoom Room. Simply put, the Zoom Room can change the meeting of two different room as if it were in the same room.

How To Use Zoom Meeting

After knowing the difference Zoom Meeting with other services, let's know how to use zoom app meeting this one.

  1. Camera, both of which were embedded in a smart device or webcam separate. Typically, a computer, a laptop, or HP, it has a camera that is qualified to access Zoom.
  2. Microphone or mic. The same as the camera's mic also already embedded in smart devices. You can test your voice through the audio settings in the app. If the output and input sound problematic, we recommend you use a mic or headset separately.
  3. Internet connection. Of course, to hook you up with colleagues through a video call, you need an internet connection fast and stable.
  4. Application Zoom. Better in HP, laptop or your computer, you should install the Zoom app rather than access them through the browser.

If you are the Host whose role is to create space in the Zoom Meeting, we recommend you use a laptop or computer because it is easier to run. After that, watch how to make a zoom meeting here:

  1. Open the Zoom app, select the “Start”
  2. Select the “Invite Others”. You can invite participants via email or copy the link listed.
  3. Wait until all the participants entrance to the meeting room. If necessary, lock the meeting room with a check mark on the option “Lock Meeting” in the Security menu as in the picture
  4. If necessary, you can also record the meeting which is ongoing by clicking on the Record menu as in the picture. Later, the data recorded will be converted into the format. mp4.
  5. Remember you are the Host, if the meeting has ended, you can choose to end the meeting for all or to leave the meeting by clicking on “End Meeting” on the right bottom. Then select according to your needs.

Zoom Meeting Download latest Version