Zoom Cloud Meeting For PC 2021 Latest Version Download


Zoom Cloud Meeting For PC 2021 Latest Version Download

Zoom Cloud Meeting For PC 2021 Latest Version Download. You're looking for a video app for meeting online? Actually there are many applications You can use. However, each app has excellent features and drawbacks of each. So You need to know what are the features offered to select.

An online meeting is now one of the software which is very popular. Here's how to use Zoom app so you don't kudet. Launch zoom.the US, on Tuesday (14/7/2020), Zoom is the app video communication via a cloud platform that can be used for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars on mobile and desktop.


In the middle of a global pandemic, the app-based virtual internet be a solution to a lot of people to keep in touch when at home alone. Zoom Meeting can be one of the platform to facilitate the work or activities of teaching and learning when the pandemic.

Although the current Zoom into one of the virtual application, but who would have thought, Zoom app apparently had suffered a challenge in the beginning of its establishment. The founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan told the history of his life and reveal the history of how Zoom can stand like this now.

Eric Yuan was born and raised in China, precisely in the Province of Shandong. Men aged 50 years and is a graduate of Shandong University and it was there that he spent a lot of time to learn Math and Computer Science.

Since childhood, Yuan often faced with the problem of distance. Even he told how his struggle to meet the idol of the heart that have to travel a distance for 10 hours by train.

Obstacle distance is not only blocking the Yuan in the story of the romance her, but also have time to block his ideals. Yuan told me that since he used to work in the Silicon Valley. However, he is plagued with the visa application so that it takes almost two years to get entry into the United States. Not only that, the Yuan also requires Nine times the application to obtain approval for the visa.

The seriousness of the Yuan to work in Silicon Valley finally sweet fruit. He finally accepted to work in a company engaged in the field of video conference, i.e. Webex. Yuan became one of the people from 10 engineers to join by Webex in 1997.

10 years since the Yuan work in Webex, the company was eventually acquired by Cisco and Eric Yuan was appointed one of the vice-president in there that manage more than 800 employees. That's when the travel Yuan to set up the Zoom starts.

Over time, Yuan tells a crazy idea to the leaders of the Cisco. Instead of being accepted, the Yuan is precisely the experience the refusal of the officials of Cisco. Don't accept the rejection, the Yuan finally decided to go from Cisco in 2011, he chose to set up Zoom.

He's then selecting the region of San Jose, California, United States of America as an ideal location to establish a central office. Not only that, the Yuan also still has other offices in China who served as a researcher and developer of the company.

In the beginning of his business set up Zoom, Yuan undergoes various challenges in which he must fight to find clients who are willing to use the app. With maximum effort, Yuan kept contact every company that is considering to use the Zoom app. But in his effort, not infrequently Yuan often encountered refusal and his efforts culminate in vain.

But the Yuan didn't stop to surrender, and in the end Zoom can be accepted by the people, as is happening in the middle of a storm of a pandemic like this now. Now, Zoom into one platform video conference that is often used in all over the world. (MDA)

Here's how to enable the Zoom app on your Computer PC or phone

Zoom Cloud Meeting For PC 2021 Latest Version Download

  • Sign in to your Zoom in the zoom.us and sign up by entering the email tools are used.
  • Activate your account by doing confirmation via email that is sent.
  • Invite your friends want to be invited to the meeting by entering their email address.
  • Select “start meeting now” to conduct a meeting and automatically Zoom app will ask for permission to download the app on computer PC is used.
  • Zoom app on your phone.
  • Sign in with email that has been registered.
  • Click the “new meeting”.
  • Select the “participants”.
  • Invite colleagues to a meeting through the “invite” and send an invitation message.
  • Thereafter, began the meeting together.

Well, if you want to join a Zoom meeting there are two options that are used. First through the invitation email or through the app by logging in to the Zoom app installed.

Zoom Cloud Meeting For PC 2021 Latest Version Download

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