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Zoom App Download For Android Latest Version. softappfree.com. Hello Mate AndroidPonsel, this time amid the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19, which struck the ground water even almost all countries in the world cause us to become difficult activities outside the home as usual, although Indonesia did not perform system lockdown, but we are encouraged to remain at home and many companies also make it a policy to work from home by relying on supporting applications for meeting one of which is the Zoom, applications meeting online now this become a mainstay.For You who just heard the Zoom app You will of course be confusion about how to use zoom for the purposes of the meeting. Especially if You only use a mobile phone to be face-to-face with colleagues. For that we will review in brief and concise how to use Zoom Meeting in the HP whether it be Android or Apple (iOS).

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is the perfect app to make video calls important purposes of work. This tool is designed to manage the meeting room day-to-day with an efficient and regular basis, without having to worry about the quality. Make a video call professional from anywhere thanks to this app.

Among the many features ZOOM Cloud Meetings, You will find a calendar where You can schedule all Your meetings. Add reminder and make video calls directly from the calendar so that the meeting can be started without difficulty.

When making a video call, You can use front or back camera, activate or turn off the microphone, and set the basic options other to meeting You. You can also see the name of the person in the meeting and even record all that happened.

zoom cloud meeting app free download for android

How to Use Zoom in HP

There are a few features of Zoom app for Android that you can use to maintain the cohesiveness of the team while WFH. Reporting from the official website of Zoom, this is some of the functions and how to use the Zoom in HP:

1. How to install Zoom
Reporting from the site of the Zoom, to install the Zoom app on your android phone, you need the Android operating system series 5 (Lollipop) or more.

Whereas, for the HP with the iOS operating system, you must have an iPhone 4 or newer, with the operating system iOS 8 or more.

Furthermore, you can download the Zoom in the Google Play Store or App Store. or also can be downloaded here for APK

2. Log in to your account
After application installation, the first way to use the Zoom in HP is by going to the account that already you have.

You can just open the app, choose menu sign in, then enter your e-mail address and your password.

3. The main features of the application
After you log into your account, you can take advantage of the various features, which are:

Meet & Chat, access to the meeting or set up and make the meeting
  • select start a meeting to create a meeting
  • select join to get to a meeting that has no use meeting ID
  • select schedule to schedule a meeting, either meeting or meeting periodically
  • select upcoming (only on Android) to see, to change the meeting that you have scheduled
  • select share screen (only on iOS) to get the code order a meeting Zoom who have been there can show the screen of your HP
  • select your name to view and modify the profile of the Zoom-mu
  • select menu “+” to chat or chatting with the one person from your contacts
  • select your star sign to see the contacts and the channel that you have mark
  • Phone
  • select the menu keypad to call other people using the mobile phone number or number of the company
  • select the history menu to check the phone entry, exit, not appointed, and recorded
  • select the menu of the voicemail to listen to and delete voice messages sent to you
  • Meetings (only in iOS)
  • select start to start the meeting
  • select send invitation to invite others by SMS, e-mail, and other-other
  • select edit to set the schedule of the meeting
  • select the meeting that had been scheduled for view, change, start, get, or delete a meeting
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  • Contacts
  • select menu directory to choose a contact can be invited to chat
  • select menu channel to view the channel that you have mark (starred), public channel, and channel private
  • select the zoom rooms to see the room or a set of contacts you can invite to the meeting
  • select menu “+” to add a contact or create a new channel
  • Settings
  • select your name to change your photo, name, and account password
  • select contacts to see if there are people in your contacts your phone using Zoom, or to arrange request the addition of a contact from others
  • select the meeting to set up a microphone, speakers, or video when you sign in to the meeting
  • select notifications to check the notification
  • select about Zoom to see the version of the application and give input on the Zoom

That's the information about how to use Zoom on mobile, for iOS and Android.

Guaranteed, by utilizing this application on your mobile phone, you will be able to conduct meetings online and coordination with your office more smoothly.

Zoom App Download For Android Latest Version