WinToUSB Download For Windows latest Version

 WinToUSB Download For Windows latest Version

WinToUSB Download For Windows latest Version is a free application that can be used to clone Windows operating system to a USB drive and make the Windows operating system that can run entirely on the USB storage including usb and other external storage.

If You want to make a pendrive as a Windows portable that can be taken to anywhere and can be used on any computer, this app can be used to meet Your needs.

In addition, by using this app You can also clone or copy of Windows 10 from the internal hard disk to external hard disk including the flash, and make sure that the operating system can be booted from USB on any computer.

Actually there are many apps that can be used to create a Windows To Go and clone the Windows, and the application made by Basleo this Software is one which is quite popular.

The Advantages Of Dosbox

Many people prefer using the app is certainly not without reason. Here are some advantages of Dosbox You need to know:

  • Can be used to clone Windows.
  • Can be used to make Windows portable.
  • Can be used to create a USB bootable.

How to Install Windows OS in Pendrive / External Hard drive :

  • Install the app Dosbox, after that run Dosbox as an Administrator.
  • Then you find the ISO file of Windows you want to install. The trick just click the Browse Icon like the image below ( which is given a red box ). You could see the Dosbox immediately detect the ISO files such as Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit. And if you've finished, click Next.
  • In this option you select the storage media ISO file that will be installed. Storage Media that I use is a Usb stick sized 32 GB USB 3.0 brand SanDisk.
  • If the message appears as below you click OK, later, wise auto shutdown will do the formatting process, you just wait a few seconds.
  • You will be told to choose which one will be the boot partition and system partition.

  1.  Boot partition is a partition that contains a wide range of the required files Windows, usually this  partition contains a folder Program Files, Windows, Program Data, and so forth.
  2. System partition / is a partition that contains a variety of files such as Ntldr, Boot.this,, bootmgr. If the partition is not there, then you can't get into Windows.

You can save both the partition in 1 the same partition. Note on the box that is colored red, on a 64-bit Windows ( both Windows 7 to Windows 10 ) require empty space of 20 GB, while on 32-bit Windows ( both Windows 7 to Windows 10 ) usually requires an empty space of 16 GB.

If less than that size, you will get a message like DISK PARTITION OR SPACE IS INSUFFICIENT.(0x000000C205620000). Therefore I recommend using the Flash size is 32 GB or more, use the External Hard drive can also, as long as the size of more than 20 GB.If you are already using Pendrive 32 GB, but still get the message, you should change the size on the box in red as shown below, in this example I give you the storage space of 25 GB.

  • Once Done click on Next and wait until the process is complete. It usually takes up to 15 Minutes depending on the speed of your PC as well as the storage media that you use.
  • Done ! you've managed to make Windows in a Flash ! now you can Close the software Dosbox.

In short, Dosbox is the right app for You who want to clone, install, or make Windows portable or Windows To Go

Download WinToUSB For Windows latest Version

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Latest Version: 6.0
Publisher: Hasleo Software
Operating System: Windows
Application Category: Utilities & Tools
License: Freeware