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 Whatsapp For iPad Download Apk

Whatsapp For iPad Download. iPad users who want to WhatsApp with the device will be excited. Because, WhatsApp reportedly is developing a special application for iPad devices. This information is obtained Soft APP Free from the Twitter account WABetaInfo, which have a high reputation about the issues surrounding the WhatsApp. 

On Saturday (11/11/2017) then, the account of leaking information that WhatsApp is developing a new feature for the iPad. These features are known from the reference which is owned by the line of code programming WhatsApp contained in the latest desktop version, as quoted Soft APP Free, Monday (13/11/2017).

However, it is not known whether WhatsApp for the iPad will be present in the form of a special application, or will only become a client application such as WhatsApp Web. Previously, WhatsApp has no official app for iPad devices. Platform WhatsApp iOS can only be used on the iPhone. Instead, the user is tricked with access WhatsApp web (web.whatsapp.com) through the Safari browser, or using an application made by a third party. 

This way is of course considered less effective. Because, the experience of using a third-party application by using the WhatsApp app directly, such as the iPad user should be kept active in order WhatsApp messages can be entered. WhatsApp is currently doing a lot of development on the application. Last month, WhatsApp added a feature to delete messages that have been sent, either to the individual or group conversations.

Here is a step you can do to install WhatsApp on iPad:

  1. Make sure that you have installed the application WzPad on iPad devices you
  2. After successfully installing WzPad, immediately open the app.
  3. Furthermore, you will find the page scan QR Code. Scan QR code using iPhone is that there is a WhatsApp account in it.
  4. Wait until the QR Code scanning finishes up WhatsApp is ready to use on the iPad.
  5. Now, you can already use WhatsApp on iPad.

A way of working that is applied WzPad itself is actually similar to that already applied in WhatsApp for Web. Display owned WzPad also very similar to the appearance of the WhatsApp for Web.

Unfortunately, this app contains ads that will disturb you to send messages with your friends. You can remove ads by in-app purchase that is available in this app.

That's how to use WhatsApp through the iPad. Hope can help you to install WhatsApp on iPad.

Whatsapp For iPad Download

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