Whatsapp APK Download 2021 Latest Version

Whatsapp APK Download 2021 Latest Version

Whatsapp APK Download 2021 Latest Version. hi buddy who is just learning to use the smartphone is perhaps still try new things on the device. The one that should have been buddy encounter but still confusing, perhaps what was that about WhatsApp, what to do and what are its features. Well, in this article I will discuss about what is WhatsApp, let me not be too curious, let's look at discussion.

What Is It WhatsApp

The first, about what exactly is WhatsApp and what the hell their role until he should be there in our mobile phone. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app for smartphones is arguably the replacement for sms only she did not use the pulse but using the same internet with a decent app send a message in general that are on facebook or something like that, if seen from its function of WhatsApp is almost the same with the SMS app You use on your old phone. So, in this app buddy don't need to worry about the short length of the character. There are no restrictions, for internet package you're offered, and you can send photo, video and fild other, there is not.

Although it is an instant messaging application, there is a unique of WhatsApp. So, the recognition system contact, verification and delivery of the message is still being done through mobile number which has been first registered. This way different with FUEL using a PIN, or the LINE which in addition to the mobile phone number also supports email, and the name of the user.

The excellent features that exist on WhatsApp

  • Send text messages very easily
  • Send a photo from the gallery or from the camera
  • Send the video
  • Send office files or other attachments
  • Call sound, including sending messages in Your voice that can be heard by the receiver at any time.
  • Share your location utilizing GPS
  • Send a contact card

WhatsApp also supports some emoji that popular, but for stickers, WhatsApp classified as a minimalist. Different with the LINE that is keen to mengembangkannnya.

On WhatsApp, the user can also set the panel his own profile, consisting of a name, photo, status as well as some tools privacy settings to protect the profile and also help tools for backing up messages, change the account number and make payment.

How To Install WhatsApp

actually, WhatsApp is very easy to be installed together with any other apps, we're actually quite open application play Stor we live caraĆ­ that name is WhatsApp and select install, easy does it, to step step we just need to follow what it takes in the moment after we install the whatsapp application.

History Of WhatsApp 

WhatsApp is a creation of two best friends, Brian Acton and Jan Koum. They are quite difficulty in raising him. To get out of the company, namely Facebook, in that time a lot of the story happens.

It's no exaggeration when talking in the present, WhatsApp is the service to send the message are phenomenal.

whatsapp Born in 2009, travel WhatsApp difficult terminated up to the amount of the wearer milaran users. It feels like almost all the user's current smartphones install WhatsApp to communicate. But, WhatsApp was created full of struggle.

In the U.S., Koum and his mother live with simple conditions. at that time his mother worked a babysitter and Koum sometimes sweep the store to get income. Even those living with food daribantuan and lived in apartment which was also financed by the government. The trials of coming back after Koum was declared cancer and died in the year 2000.

Although recalcitrant, Koum is a smart boy. When a new 18 years old, he already took the initiative to learn to network computer self-taught. Not only that, he also joined the club hacker nicknamed w00w00. After graduating high SCHOOL, Koum received at San Jose State University. While in college, he was looking for earnings in some places to menanbah income as the cost of his life. One day 1997, she met Brian Acton at that time he was working on the Yahoo company and to be familiar with. Koum applied to Yahoo and accepted as an infrastructure technician. This is the beginning of a friendship that would give birth to WhatsApp.

Some time later, the two decided resign from Yahoo and holiday moment, then try signing up for Facebook, but not accepted. So unemployment, Koum and Acton living life with a capital of severance moonlighting find business opportunities the other. Well in January 2009, Koum bought a hp and think about to make the great opportunities of business applications through the App Store.

Koum finalize the app idea, which he called WhatsApp. On February 24, 2009, he founded the WhatsApp Inc. although the application has not been so. After so, the application is often problematic and only a few are willing to wear. Yes, the first release of WhatsApp in May 2009't according expectations. Moreover, WhatsApp is not yet fully service message, the only app to make status.

Koum continues to think to develop WhatsApp. Finally, she got the idea to make WhatsApp as a messenger application that uses the contacts on your mobile phone as a networking and mobile number to login. “Capable of reaching out to people in other parts of the world in an instant, in a device that is always with You, the time that it is something great,” said Koum.

Hitch came back because after experimenting wearing WhatsApp must be paid, the number of downloads decreased. “We grow up fast when free, 10 thousand downloads per day. And when we impose the payment of, started to decline until only one thousand per day,” the story of Acton.

Finally, decided the user can just pay once in a year. A new feature was added at the end of 2009, namely the ability to send picture messages, which makes the WhatsApp began to attract attention. WhatsApp version 2.0 then just explode and used 250 thousand active user. Although initially less smooth, WhatsApp and

Whatsapp APK Download 2021 Latest Version.