VLC Media Player Download Latest Version For Windows


VLC Media Player Download Latest Version For Windows
VLC Media Player

softappfree.com | VLC Media Player Download Latest Version For Windows. Multimedia Software which is liked by many people. VLC media player is an application that has a lot of functions and features. In fact, on this application he is no feature that is not dimilika in other applications, just call RTMP playback, Blackmagic support. there are features that are very interesting on this application are VLC Video player where he serves as a video player application with various types of formats are there on the video. if you want to get the app that was able to rotate the various kinds of video formats, then I gangat sure to recommend this one app. Why is that? Because this application we can get free without having to spend money, pulling open?

VLC app has design the user interface can be said to be simple. This application has the Quality of playback is extraordinary high, create this software is very liked by its users. This is because, this app is already installed codecs automatically. So we do not need to bother to install codecs separately. Download App VLC Player to always get the best updates and support system to windows, mac, Linux that is very good.

Features of VLC Media Player 3

In the latest version, VLC Media Player is equipped with some unique features. One of them is that now it can play video with color HDR (High Dynamic Range) HDR tone-mapping. Hardware acceleration to decode HD video and UHD on this version is enabled by default.

VLC Media Player 3 current device can connect to Chromecast so that You can now watch Your favorite movie on the television with the help of a Chromecast plugged into the HDMI slot. Support for 360 video and 3D audio has also been added in this release. Now You can change the angle of view when playing a 360 video.

In version 3.0.0, support for subtitles TTML have also been added so You can change the size of the subtitle directly. Support for Ambisonic audio with the use of more than 8 audio channels also became the flagship features in this version. In this version of the menu Blu-ray Java also has to be displayed.

In addition to several new features, VLC Media Player 3 also retaining the old features in VLC Media Player 2 as an example codec support for various audio and video formats. With so many additional features such, the column settings in the VLC Media Player 3 to be very much.

In addition to playing audio and video that are on Your hard drive, VLC Media Player 3 is also able to play music or videos on the internet. Still, the same as the previous version, You can use video as wallpaper using the help of VLC Media Player. VLC Media Player can also be used as editor such as for example to add a watermark in the video, to convert the format of the video, to add effects on video and audio, record desktop activity, play the radio using the internet, record video through a webcam, and many more.

Free and Open Source

VLC is an application developed by the VideoLAN Project. A project and non-profit organizations (non-profit organization). Then it is reasonable if VLC Media Player is provided and free you download it for free. There are no fees need to be paid. But the fluffy will be very welcome if any of us wish to participate with a donation via their website. Yes, the apps published by PortableApps.com (John T. Haller) and VideoLAN such calls himself “completely free“. No need to worry to use it, because it is free and safe. No spyware, no ads, no user tracking or tracking users.

In addition to free, VLC is also open source, which means that the system development is not coordinated by an individual/centralized institution. But by the actors who are working together to develop the source code and freely accessible (by utilizing the facilities of the internet).

What functions are included on VLC Player? Here are some of them:

  • File conversion
  • Streaming over a network or the internet
  • Record the appearance of the desktop
  • Watch the video from YouTube
  • Run internet radio
  • Video as a wallpaper
  • Take control through the browser
  • Video and audio effects.

In short, VLC Media Player is a media player app free is equipped with features that are very complete. In addition can be used to play all format video, You can also add features that are not available by using the Add-Ons that have been provided. 

VLC Media Player Download Latest Version For Windows

Download 32 Bit |  Download 64 Bit 

Publisher: VideoLAN
Operating System: Windows
Application Category: Multimedia
License: Freeware