Viber Download For Windows Latest Version

 Download Viber For Windows Latest Version

Viber Download For Windows Latest Version is a VoIP application that can be joined with Your companions or family through phone calls and text messages for free, it is very beneficial isn't it?.

With the Viber app preinstalled on your computer, You can already make phone calls and send messages to Your friends who have installed the app, then you can speak with a friend or family that you love.

Even though this app is not comparable with the app that is popular today such as WhatsApp and telegram, if you want to try this app with features, then you can make one of the options you for try this app. With this app you can feel the difference.

This app is interesting for us to talk about where this application has been equipped with various interesting features for us to enjoy. There's more to dancing again where the application is already getting treatment excellent security, which is already using encryption end-to-end like a used WhatsApp.

What the hell is the superiority of this Viber ?

Discussed the problem to the main application viber is no doubt where the application is already giving you comfort when you use it and also divided its features this app has been very good dang attractive it makes you more exciting to use it. Here are some features seeded Viber that You can know:

  1. You can use this app to send video
  2. Features the voice and video calls
  3. Sticker & GIF
  4. Multi-platform.
  5. Safe.

In short, Viber is a free messaging app that is rich in features. If You are bored with the messaging app that is currently being used, this app could be an alternative for You.


Well here we can take a conclusion that the application viber is an application similar to WhatsApp, telegram or any other app which we can use to send video messages, stickers and other advantages. This application also supports many platforms. There is one more thing that is needed is a matter of security, because security is everything for us.

Viber Download For Windows Latest Version

PublisherViber Media
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsWindows
File Size55,7 MB