TeamViewer Download for Windows Remote Desktop

 TeamViewer Download for Windows Remote Desktop | TeamViewer Download for Windows Remote Desktop. For those of you that need the app to control from a distance may this app be a solution for you, this application called TeamViewer.

TeamViewer is an app that can be used as a medium of remote communication, connect a computer to one computer with internet access on that computer.

TeamViewer was first published in 2005, this program focuses on Cloud-based technology to provide online support and work together in real time around the world.

Now, the support for remote access, and online collaboration is not a discourse alone. It has to provide services to help others, integrating technology into the daily life better as well as create a wide variety of new solutions.

The Advantages Of TeamViewer
Many people prefer to use TeamViewer certainly not without reason, although the free app also has a variety of advantages that can allow You to control the device or meeting from a distance. Here are some advantages possessed by teamViewer:

  • Remote Control
  • Cross platform
  • Access a range of devices from a distance
  • Encryption end-to-end
  • Transfer of sensitive data safely
  • Equipped with features meeting complete

The Usefulness Of TeamViewer
This app is very special because she can control the other computer remotely as long as the computer is the same-the same attached to the TeamViewer app and connect to the internet network, so that You can control another computer different place from a distance.

It turns out that TeamViewer can control a computer that is still one of the LAN (Local Area Network), but there are other software which is specialized to perform remote on another computer which is still one network in the same place. For example, in Internet cafes, Lab. Computers, classrooms and so on.

On the other hand TeamViewer also has other features that you can use allows you to perform remote computer from a distance for example file Transfer with this feature you can send the files that you need when you melakuran remote.

Excess on TeamViewer
  • Offers an interface that is practical and easy to use.
  • All versions include full file transfer with facilities, copy folders and files. For maximum speed all data is automatically compressed before transmission.
  • Option presentation for Windows
  • Many options to customize the software exactly the way You want.
  • You can prioritize speed or the quality of the display.
  • The presence of TeamViewer Web Connector is the ideal way to control remote computers with ease.
  • Equipped with the Indonesian language.
  • Easy to use, although with the range of distance over a PC is still connected on a network.
  • Turn on-turn off PC remotely.
  • Control of mouse and keyboard
  • Manipulate the data to a PC easily
  • Its video call feature that allows each user can communicate with each other through the camera's PC.
  • Have a chat
  • Can fully control all activities on a PC.

The Shortage Of TeamViewer
One of the shortcomings of the TeamViewer namely in terms of security. Because every person can access the PC if they know the username and password that exist on the PC.
In addition, we could not distinguish between client and server, because any PC can act as a client once the server.
Loading is slow for computers with low specifications.

TeamViewer Download for Windows Remote Desktop

Latest Version: 15.16.8
Publisher: TeamViewer
Operating System: Windows
App category: Development & IT
License: Freeware