Revo Uninstaller Download Freeware

 Revo Uninstaller Download Freeware | Revo Uninstaller Download Freeware. Have you ever heard or use Revo Uninstaller ? For you who are unfamiliar with his name only natural, well did this program is a program uninstaller that recently launched in march 2018 ( I think lol ). The built-in feature windows that add / remove program has indeed been very good work in menuninstall program that is not used, but if you install the application capacity with features add / remove program does not lah ter uninstall clean so as some of the rest of the rest of the application. Now with revo uninstaller you can uninstall without having to worry about with the rest of the rest of that ter unsintall with a clean of the app there.

Product Features

For the features offered quite a lot, such as :

  • Autorun manager which serve to shut down the process application that runs very easily
  • Junk file clener to clean the rest of the file is not considered useful
  • Browser cleaner to clear the history and cookies on your web browser
  • Microsoft Office Cleaner to clear the recent document
  • Windows Cleaner that is used to clean all trace on the computer
  • Evidence Remover to clean the trace on the hard disk
  • Unrecoverable Delete function to delete files with a very secure so it can't direpair again.
  • And many more other features.

Product Advantages

Product advantages? Do not ask! According to my application uninstaller that one is a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Easy to use
  • A User-Friendly Interface
  • An innovative Uninstaller
  • Have an advanced and fast algorithm, perform a scan before and after uninstall application
  • Can detect Broken Instalations
  • Can back-up the registry first
  • Create restore points before uninstall

A Shortage Of The Product

A shortage of the product yes? Emm... I personally am having trouble finding the shortcomings of this application. Possible drawbacks such as the bug appears (but is resolved with its updates), or maybe because the price is too expensive for a simple application (FYI, in the official website of Revo uninstaller is mentioned that the price of this app is $39.99, But the Revo itself provides a free version of his and even a portable version of her. Problem solved~). So, I think this app has no shortage of that is very disturbing for the users to date.

How to use Revo Uninstaller :

  • First, first download the application
  • After completion of the download, and then install in your computer, and then run the application Revo Uninstaller
  • Select the software we want to uninstall.
  • Then click the Uninstall button
  • Pop up a dialog box that says are you sure you want to uninstall the selected program ? Click the Yes button
  • Will appear a window that says Select an Uninstall Mode. There are 4 options, that is Built, Safe, Moderate, and Advanced. The default mode is Usually selected. Click the Next button
  • Window appears Performing the initial analysis an uninstall. Wait for the process to finish. Then click the next button
  • Appear again the window Scanning for leftover information that scan for registry, files, and folders that has to do with the software that we uninstall it. After the process is finished, click the Next button
  • In this tutorial found registry items that can be removed. Click the button Select All, then click the Delete button. If there is a warning click Yes, then all the registry files are removed by Revo Uninstaller. Click the Next button
  • Perform Finish window that says Revo Uninstaller successful conduct of the procedure uninstall the program. Finally, click the Finish button

Well that was some knowledge about the revo uninstaller and the manner of its use, may be a benefit for all of us. The duku article from me, the end of the word I thank you and bye

Revo Uninstaller Download Freeware

Latest Version: 2.2.5
Publisher: VS REVO GROUP
Operating System: Windows
Application Category: Utilities & Tools
License: Freeware