Remote Utilities Download Latest Version

 Remote Utilities Download Latest Version

Remote Utilities Download Latest Version. As the name implies, this software is used to perform remote on another computer. A little different with TeamViewer, Remote Utilities made specifically for the environment of LAN (Local Area Network). So it will be very useful for those who want to monitor or control a computer that is still in the network. For example, in Internet cafes, Lab. Computers, classrooms, Office Computer and so on.

This Software is not completely free, but You can use all the premium features of Remote Utilities up to 10 Computers. If you want to control more than that, you should buy a license first before you can add a few computer again.

Remote Utilities. These are some of the features of Remote Utilities, File Transfer, Power Control, Task Manager, Terminal, Execute, Hardware and Software Information, Remote Printing and Chat.

File Transfer
This feature allows us to transfer a file from one computer to another, could be from the server to the client or vice versa, it could be from one client to other clients. All we can control from the server computer.
Whether the file transfer process will be long? According to the I will not be long, because the file transfer process will adjust from the Lan Card of the computer the Server and Client use. Generally the computer is now wearing a lan card with a maximum speed of 100 Mbps and even 1 Gbps, with such speed it certainly will not take long to make the process of file transfer between computers on the LAN network.

But keep in mind, when there is a difference in the speed of the Lan Card used by the Server nor the Client a maximum speed of file transfer will follow the Lan Card is low. For example, on the Server computer using a Lan Card 1 Gbps while on the Client computer using only the Lan Card 100 Mbps. In such cases, then the file transfer speed will follow the Lan Card as low as 100 Mbps. Although on the Server using the Lan Card 1 Gbps, and vice versa.

And when we do the transfer of files with a size large enough we should wait for the transfer process is completed, do not perform the file transfer process more than one computer because the result will not be maximal. It is better to do one by one in turns, because when we do transfer large size files to a computer then the traffic flow data on the LAN network that will be full of. So when forced to transfer another file then the result will be less than the maximum, and the process becomes slower.

Whether to do the file transfer requires an internet connection? No, because the process of download and upload files in a local network environment. In addition, the process of transfer of files between computers on the LAN network will not require an internet connection.

Different with TeamViewer which the speed of the file transfer process depends on the connection speed internet Upload on the Server computer or the process of sending files. Or rather will follow the speed of the most low between the two, as in the case of Lan Card that I've described earlier.

Power Control
This feature will help you to Restart, Shut Down, Log Off, Sleep, Lock, Hibernate or Turn on the computer (Wake on LAN) without touching the computer. For Wake on LAN, not all types of motherboards support it. So, for the last feature on the Power Control depends on each motherboard that is used on that computer. Do support WoLatau not.

Task Manager
Have the same ability with task manager in general, there is no significant difference. The difference this is a task manager on the client computer that you control, so instead of task manager on the computer you own.

Or the more we are familiar with the name of the Command Prompt (CMD), with the features of the Terminal, we can easily run the Command Prompt the Client computer without opening it manually. So we only need to click a Terminal and enter the command on the CMD Client then the Client computer will directly execute the command.

Remote Execute
This feature is similar to the Terminal but it is instant and special again, because it will only execute on a file. Generally used to run a program, for example we want to open the browser mozila on the Client computer. We just need to enter the address of the layout of firefox installed, use the browse button to search for apliksi that you want to run. If we want to open firefox on the client, then the contents like this “C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe” on the form provided and then click Ok, then the firefox browser will run.

Hardware and Software
When we click on Hardware and Software then it will give the information about the Hardware and Software used on the client computer. Click inventory manager, then check the client that we want to view information about the hardware and the software, click Get Information.

Remote Printing
If this similar print process that we do on a HomeGroup, so we could print a document directly from the client computer without moving the first document which we will print on the printer server.

With this feature, we can send a short message on the client computer.

Remote Utilities Download Latest Version

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