PDF Download Free For Windows


PDF Download Free For Windows

PDF Download Free For Windows softappfree.com. Adobe Reader is a PDF app to open or read PDF Files free and is a product that is reliable for you who want to view PDF files, print, or even add comments in the PDF file.

This application is an application that can be relied upon to open & read PDF. Not something that is surprising because the Adobe company which is responsible for application development PDF where the file-based PDF was first released in 1993.

Of course, because of reliability in reading a PDF file, Adobe Reader can print a PDF file with easy. However, the user can't edit PDF files using Adobe Reader application, some of the PDF files have been protected or contain several parts that can be edited and saved.

Add a text note

By using Adobe Reader, users can leave comments in some areas, the comments can be in the form of notes, the text of which is assigned a color, or other punctuation marks.

Safe application

The latest version of Adobe Reader to be more secure in terms of security. Safe Mode has been enhanced with the addition of some features such as data theft, the sandbox, a protected mode which allows users to open PDF files in the default mode.

By using protected mode, the user does not need to worry whether the file is opened it will harm to your computer system or if the file is opened, it turns out already infected with the virus

Could not create pdf file

One thing that can not be done with the Adobe Reader application is the user can't create a PDF file. It is very sensible because of the Adobe Reader is indeed only intended to read the file-based PDF. However, Adobe Reader is very different from the paid version released by Adobe.

For the paid version such as Adobe Acrobat 11 or Adobe PDF service pack, the user can create a file-based PDF and the addition of a few other features such as combine PDF files into one, export PDF files into other file types and other features by paying a monthly fee.

The uplifting news other web application Adobe SendNow also been combined with Adobe Reader where the user can send PDF files with size up to 100 MB and even convert the file into a file type other simply by one click.

Note: You can download file Adobe Reader directly in the Adobe's official website where you will also be advised to download anti virus McAfee. Our advice is quite clear sign of the cross section of anti-virus so that you can download Adobe Reader only.


Adobe Reader is the most popular applications currently reading PDF files and Adobe Acrobat is the paid version that offers more features, one of the applications that you should have. The latest version adds several enhancements such as improved side security.

How To Download PDF Download Free For Windows 

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  • Setelah masuk ke halaman resmi Adobe ,klik " Install Now”
  • Setelah itu tunangeberapa berkas saat sampai instalasi siap di Download
  • Folih folder dimana instalasi akan disimpan
  • Setelah proses unduh instalasi selesai, jalanan insttuk memulai proses proses Instalasi Adobe Reader

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