Obs Studio Download For Windows Latest Version

Obs Studio Download For Windows Latest Version

Obs Studio Download For Windows Latest Version is software for buckwheat fond of in the conduct of direct broadcasting either stream or record the activities that you're doing, this app is make you easier to stream.

Many out there the app screen recorder and live streaming are provided free of charge at designated for the PC in general presents the features are very limited, but in an mimin discussed this time is no different with another app that the app OBS Studio. Although this app You can feel fully for free or no cost, this application is equipped with various important features for the needs of live streaming.

OBS Studio arguably can be said application is free however the quality given application can be said to be or can be in match with the premium app, interesting isn't it. But not only that you get on the app OBS Studio, an open-source can also be felt to do live streaming in a wide range of platforms, among others, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Hitbox, and many more other places that can mate use to live striming.

Interestingly again what you get here is also not only can record directly from a microphone pal and webcam, but buddy can also record all activities on a computer buddy streaming, this makes the buddy streaming becomes more easy dalah doing live striming

The advantages of OBS Studio

Many people wonder what is more of an OBS Studio this is? and why do people prefer OBS Studio instead of other apps?. why olang prefer aplikasini is certainly not without reason, this application has a variety of advantages which can give it the buaru and the best when You are doing live streaming, including:

1. this application can record audio and vidio: At the time of mate want to do live streaming and sometimes buddy need to record certain parts on the computer screen buddy, if buddy want to make a video about the tutorial.

With using OBS Studio, You can record and mix the audio and video together from a variety of sources, ranging from a browser, a webcam, microphone, and so forth.

2. Equipped with a mixer intuitive audio: Not only the quality of the video that need to be considered when doing live streaming, but You should also be able to control the audio so that Your audience can watch it comfortably.

OBS Studio is equipped with a mixer intuitive audio that can be filtered based on the source of the sound, ranging from a set noise audio gain, supperssion, and so forth. If the mixer default OBS Studio it is less complete, You can also use VST plugins to set it in detail.

3. Assign a hotkey to allow You to perform certain actions: OBS Studio also comes with a hotkey or shortcut that can allow You to perform certain actions, starting from the stop and start streaming through the button, muting audio sources, push to talk, and so forth.

4. Studio mode: When doing live streaming error-an unexpected error often occurs suddenly, fortunately OBS Studies equipped with the studio mode. Although live streaming, with this feature You can do a preview first before the video is seen by Your audience.

In short, the OBS Studio is an application records the screen and live streaming the best free compared with other applications. In addition is equipped with comprehensive features, this app is also available for various operating systems, from Windows, macOS, Linux, and oth 

Obs Studio Download For Windows Latest Version

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