Nitro PDF Reader Download Latest Version


Nitro PDF Reader Download Latest Version

Nitro PDF Reader Download Latest Version. OOn this occasion I will discuss about the application to convert a file into PDF file. File PDF (Portable Document Format) is not a new thing for computer users nowadays. One application that You can use to open, read and change files of type PDF is Nitro PDF created by Nitro Software, Inc. Nitro PDF to compete hard with competitors giant is Adobe Reader, trying to provide the convenience and features-interesting features for its users.

If You've been trying to install this application on Your computer, the first thing You can feel is the ease in terms of editing PDF files. You can also add a logo or image in the PDF document is as easy as You work with Microsoft Word.

If You want to make changes in more detail, the Edit feature-OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has been provided by Nitro Software, Inc. this. You can also enjoy extra features, namely the conversion of any document that You can print into a PDF form and stability of the program at the time of the conversion process very well.

Recently Nitro PDF also added a plug-in on users who also use the product in Microsoft Outlook.

So as not to miss with Adobe Reader, Nitro PDF are also making the Cloud features. By registering yourself in Nitro Cloud, the features of e-sign, track and archive document online You can use.

You can also share the document to the users of the Nitro Cloud other. Lack Nitro PDF compared with the application of the competitors is in Nitro PDF You can not enter information in the form of visual or audio into Your document.

In Adobe Reader, You can embellish Your document with a file interactive Flash. Regarding the performance of the basic, Nitro PDF is more efficient than Adobe Reader. This is evidenced by the use of the document the same simple, Nitro PDF requires less time to execute than Adobe Reader.

The advantages of Nitro PDF Reader

That the many competitors who struggled in this kind of application, Nitro PDF Reader become the most popular app of course not without reason people choose this one app. Here are some advantages of Nitro PDF Reader free that you must know:

  • Can be used to create PDF files. This application is also equipped with a feature that allows You to edit PDF documents, ranging from features to set the font, page size, orientation, and adjust the output quality.

  • Available features to add a review. If You manage PDF files is done by some people, by using this app You can add a comment to let others know what has been changed. When You open a PDF document that contains digital signatures, comments, or bookmarks, the panel review will automatically be displayed to help You know what should be reviewed first.
  • Available features to add a digital signature. Nitro PDF Reader is equipped with QuickSign who works to allow You to add a digital signature to the document.
  • Available features to lock PDF. If You often manage PDF files that contains important data you can use this app to lock the document so that only certain people can access the documents.
  • PDF documents compatible with other applications. When you create a PDF file with this app you do not need to worry to open it as a PDF that has been created can be open with the PDF app of any

Nitro PDF Reader could be the right choice for You who are looking for app manager, and file reader free PDF. Although the app offers a paid version which is equipped with more features, but for the home user certainly the free version is more than enough.

Nitro PDF Reader Download Latest Version

PublisherNitro Software Inc
VersionLatest Version
System RequirementsWindows
File Size215 (64bit) 179 (32bit)