Download Virtualbox 64 bit For Windows Latest Version


Download Virtualbox 64 bit For Windows Latest Version

Soft App Free | Download Virtualbox 64 bit For Windows Latest Version was first developed by the German company (Innotek GmbH). In February 2008, Innotek GmbH was acquired by Sun Microsystems. And become the property of Oracle time of the acquisition of Sun Microsystems.

What it is VirtualBox? If according to Wikipedia, VirtualBox or Oracle VM VirtualBox is virtualization software, which can be used to execute operating system”additional” in the operating system the “main”.

For example, if someone has the operating system MS Windows installed on the computer, then one can also run other operating systems is desirable in the operating system MS Windows.

This function is very important if someone wants to do the testing and simulation of the installation of a system without having to lose the existing system. Application with similar function VirtualBox others are Vmware and Microsoft Virtual PC.

The operating system that can run it, among others, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Solaris, and OpenSolaris.

That is the explanation according to Wikipedia, while according to my own VirtualBox is a software that is used to make a machine a computer artificial or can be referred to as a virtual computer inside your computer or laptop.

The computer is a clone can be used as a computer for real, we can play games, listen to music, watch videos, and others, but of course we first have to install the operating system first in it.

This app I usually used to learn to install and try a new operating system like linux, because with this application we do not need to bother to make a bootable iso of the OS.

And, the most interesting things at once, according to me, most of this app is that even though we are installing an operating system/OS in this application, but it has no effect on the operating system that we have, this app is not like the technique of multi-boot that divides the capacity of the hard drive to install another operating system other.

Operating system earlier we have also won't be lost or replaced with a new operating system, so you don't need to be afraid when you try to install an operating system in this application.

Then how Virtualbox

To make it easy I've made a Design that can hopefully help me explain. You can see above.

There is No such thing Base Os is System Oprasi that you used to install virtualbox, so virtualbox's in the box baseOS.

Well in virtualbox that there is a box of colorful deem wrote it, Guest OS, Guest Os is System oprasi installed in virtualbox. Anything that could be called the guest os, is it ? All system Oprasi (Linux, Windows, Unix) installed and running inside virtualbox on a call the guest os.

So the workings of virtualbox is to make a room which is taken from the vacant space of the baseOS to make room guestOs.

The space the guest os use include RAM, Core Process, VGA. But this is only in use for a while when the guest Os of his on the run course.

So Now it can be Concluded that the Function of virtualbox is

  • Tried a lot of Os with the Os (base OS).
  • Do TestKeamanan Computer, the Rich try to install a virus in the Guest Os.
  • As a Test room (rich test ngoprek os).
  • Also, can be used To perform the simulation of the Network.
  • Can in So right Virtual Server (VPS).

Download Virtualbox 64 bit For Windows Latest Version

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Download Virtualbox 64 bit
Developer Oracle
Version 6.1.18
Language English
System Requirements Windows 64bit
License Freeware
File Size 103Mb (64bit)