Download Virtualbox 32 bit For Windows Latest Version


Download Virtualbox 32 bit For Windows Latest Version | Download Virtualbox 32 bit For Windows Latest Version is an application virtual machine that allows user to install multiple operating systems. For example, if You currently use Windows and want to run Linux OS without removing the Windows OS, this app could be the solution that is right for You.

By using a free app made by Oracle users can also install many operating systems as long as the storage space and the memory of the PC is able to contain it.

Not only that, by using this app You don't need to be complicated to use PC to install the OS to another, simply by using the VirtualBox operating system can be installed on the same PC.

There are actually a lot of application virtual machine that You can use, but many users prefer VirtualBox because of various reasons.

The functionality of the Virtualbox :
  • To try a different operating system with major operating systems;
  • To try a new operating system release or still in the testing phase;
  • To create a network simulation;
  • Can also be used to try simulation testing of a security, whether it's OS or website.

The advantage of using VirtualBox
  • Easy to use, provide the settings-more settings;
  • Free;
  • Lighter compared with similar applications such as Vmware;
  • Support more virtual hard drive;
  • Video memory (VGA) and the performance of the cpu can set the percentage.

The Shortage Of Virtual Box
  • Can't access a device that requires a USB connection with the perfect;
  • Some games that full screen is not running.;
  • Requires a large memory, and you must be very clever to set the resource of memory for each virtual machine (if the multiple virtual machine run at once). Low / lack of memory can make all the virtual machine that is running into a hang / crash;
  • Drag n drop feature does not work, in many of the virtual machine;
  • Network ID for a virtual machine, only 4 pieces.

The steps to use VirtualBox
  1. Open an Oracle VM VirtualBox
  2. Create a new virtual machine with the upgrade-click  New
  3. Type the name of the operating system you want to install on the name box (smoke whatever you like), here we just type in Windows 7
  4. In the box to the two select the operating system that we want to install, usually this box will be automatically filled when we type the name of the operating system
  5. In the third box select the version of the operating system will install, when selecting make sure that the number of its bits in accordance with the ISO of the OS that you have, here I choose 32-bit, after that click on next
  6. The next step is to determine the amount of ram you want to use, I recommend the set to be half of a large amount of ram that you have, for example the ram that the laptop/computer you have of 2 GB then set the ram to 1 GB, after finished click on next
  7. Furthermore, you do not need to change anything else, just click “create” or “next” here. Next you are prompted to set how large the hard disk of a virtual you want to create, and also the name of the folder the place the storage masin virtual, and click create
  8. The virtual machine has already been made, click start to start the virtual machine Then, select the ISO of the operating system that you have, after that click start and install ISO you guys.

Download Virtualbox 32 bit For Windows Latest Version

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Download Virtualbox 62 bit
Developer Oracle
Version 6.1.18
Language English
System Requirements Windows 32bit/64bit
License Freeware
File Size 105Mb (64bit)