Ccleaner Download For Windows Latest Version

 Ccleaner Download For Windows Latest Version

Ccleaner Download For Windows Latest Version| Hai times this best friend Soft App Free want to give an information about the applications that we need for our computer this application is very help us in cleaning our computer, this app is ccleaner which this app is developed by Piriform. This application is very easy dingunakan and really help us in terms of cleaning the computer, and also make our computer is so light weight.

Well, by installing the application ccleaner on the computer we, of course, we're not too concerned with the state of our computer because this app can keep the performance on a computer that we use. Even you don't need to be anxious if your computer is slow, which is caused by the rubbish that is on the computer.

Here's How to Remove the “Garbage” in the PC

Now entering the stage of the core, namely how to use CCleaner. Yes, CCleaner has the main specialist, namely to remove the rubbish that is in the PC. By removing the trash then the performance of the PC will be more stable and more awake.

Also, the possibility of PC / laptop will be spared from the word slow. Well, for You who already download and install the software CCleaner then You can follow the steps below for how to delete garbage on your PC:

1. Open software CCleaner already installed on your PC / laptop

2. After that, You can choose trash to delete it. For example, You want to remove internet cache, then give the mark a checklist next to it. Similarly, for the other junk You want to delete, quite checklist any trash that you want to delete. All the waste that can be removed will be shown in the left part.

3. In addition, You can choose the bins you want to delete in Windows or in the Applications. It's easy, You just need to click windows or application to choose the junk you want removed and don't forget to mark the checklist, yes!

4. If You are finished selecting the trash that you want to delete from PC / laptop, then the next step is to click the Run Cleaner.

5. Furthermore, CCleaner will ensure the return that You really want to remove the garbage that has been selected. Therefore, if already once removed then trash deleted can not be restored.

6. Next, You just need to wait a CCleaner clean up all the junk in your PC / laptop. If you are finished, then CCleaner will provide the results or report of waste that has been deleted. Very easy is not it?

The Function Of Software Ccleaner On The Computer.

The usability and Functionality of Ccleaner=> Talk about the computer software, then it is not complete without also talking about Ccleaner, a free software from Piriform.Inc. In addition to the free functions and the advantages of this software is taken into account. So do not be surprised, if I put it on the list of the software that need to be installed on your computer or laptop.

You definitely want the performance of Your computer to stay awake, doesn't it? You definitely also want to keep Your computer fast not? Well, this is where the importance install ccleaner, because this software can enable You to answer Your wish. How?

So You need to know first, that every time You turn on and start the computer, will always cause the trash on the computer. Every application that You open, every browser You used to access the internet, always pose a history, junk, and cache. If all that hold hoarded, will make the hard disk space on the C drive becomes full, or make Your operating system to be interrupted, and as a result Your computer becomes slow.

Well, with the use ccleaner, You can clean it all. Of course, with how easy and simple, because the interface of this software is very simple. Beneficial, isn't it? Even still there is another function of ccleaner other, which of course You should know everything. What all of its functions?

1. Cleaner

As the name suggests, that the first feature is to clean the garbage as well as the history file of the operating system and of the application on the computer. I have explained before, that the application browser like mozilla firefox, google chrome etc., it also raises the trash, cache, and history file that need to be cleaned at any time.

For how to use it, I have to write it down for You. Please read the How to clean a garbage computer with the software ccleaner. But You have to know how to Install Software Ccleaner Terbaru ya sahabat.

2. Registry

Further features are the registry. In which it functions to scan Your computer's registry, to find registry errors from the remnants of the registry an application program that has been deleted. Well, after getting any problems in your registry, ccleaner You can use to improve it.

3. Tools

In this feature, there are several sub-features in it.

-Uninstal=> Namely to uninstall or delete an application program that has been installed on Your computer. This feature is great, where You can choose the program to be removed and run the uninstall just passing through ccleaner course, without having to enter the add or remove programs” in windows.

-Start Up of the=> That is a feature that is used to set application-any application, which terload at start up windows is running. It is also great, You can use to turn off the application program is not important that it should not need to run at start up windows. It was intended to loading windows not too heavy.

-System Restore=> Used to remove the “system restore point” on windows. You need to know that in the default state, the “system restore” (windows features) has been activated by the windows. Well, if “system restore” is activated, the automatic “system restore” will do back up regularly against the system of Your computer.

So for example “system restore” to back up Your system on today, then tomorrow the computer software You are experiencing errors, You can use the “system restore” in windows to restore the computer as it is today, the time has not occurred an error.

And You need to know again, that the results of the back-up of the “system restore” which is stored on the computer is called the “system restore point”. The more the “system restore point” which are stacked by the windows, of course, increasingly weighing on Your computer. Read Also:

This is where the need ccleaner, with its “system restore”, can be used to remove the “system restore point” in Your computer.

-Drive wiper⇉ is a feature that is used to clean files that have been deleted, the order can not be restored using recovery software.

This done, because every time You delete a file on Your computer, By default windows will only remove the address where the file is saved. So what's actually happening is the file is still there on the hard disk, and will be erased or overwritten if You enter a new file in the disk drive.

Why need to clean the data that has been erased? Just for Your security course. So the data is very big value for You, and You do not want such data known to others.

Note : On the part of the wipe, there are two options, namely Free Space Only, and the Entire Drive (All Data will be erased). Select “free space only” if You only want to clear (to wipe) the space blank. Select “entire drive” if You want to delete all the files in one drive/partition on the hard disk and this I've ever read can't direcovery again.

4. Options

On the part of this option, there is a sub menu again. One of which I will explain is the feature of “cookies”. With this feature, You can clean the Cookies that are derived from Your browser application.

What is clear, so a lot of the functions of ccleaner that You can use. And I myself like to use this software, because in addition to the freeware or free, this software is very lightweight and does not overload the computer. If it is used to run functions, working this software is fast enough.

Well, from this review it can be concluded that the ccleaner is a free software from piriform, which is very important and useful to keep the computer system in order to be optimally with the features that it has.

Ccleaner Download For Windows Latest Version

Publisher: Piriform Ltd
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