Bullzip PDF Printer Download For Windows

 Bullzip PDF Printer Download For Windows

softappfree.com  | Bullzip PDF Printer Download For Windows is an application that serves as a virtual printer so it can be used to print or convert various files to PDF, such as word, excel, PowerPoint, JPG and other files that can be printed or have a print feature.

Bullzip PDF Printer can be an alternative for those of you who are still using Microsoft Office 2007 down and want to change a Word document to PDF then after installing this application you can select the Bullzip PDF printer which will then change the document to PDF.

Not only can be used to print a document as a PDF but this application also can be used to convert JPG to PDF via the print feature, and before you decide to try it please read some of deficiency or excess of this app.


  • Free and easy to use, because after the installation we just need to choose Bulllzip PDF Printer as the printer then the file will be changed automatically to the PDF format.
  • Features the watermark, so we give watermark or watermarks on the printed document such.
  • Has the features of security, so that the document that is converted to a PDF that can be locked with a password so that not just anyone can open it.


Need support applications such as Ghost script Lite, PDF Power Tool, Xpdf which the total size is reached 18 MB. See the image below.

  • Need support applications such as Ghostwrite Lite, PDF Power Tool, Xpdf which the total size is reached 18 MB.
  • Can not be installed offline because time will be put in the PC we need to download the supporting applications, except on the PC you already installed 3 apps earlier than you can install offline.

Features of BullZip PDF Printer:

  • Printer BullZip PDF simple and fast. It is therefore very useful for ordinary users.
  • In BullZip PDF Printer, You can specify the level of security for files created as a modifier other PDF.
  • Other features consist of the application of the watermark. This is a feature that is very suitable when making exclusive documents.
  • You can also combine PDF pages made to the PDF file of the other. Output can be added to the top or bottom of the existing PDF files.
  • You get the high quality PDF without the cost


This application is quite worthy of consideration, however, as I explained above, to be able to function properly Bullzip PDF Printer requires 3 additional applications that will be downloaded at install time. This app is suitable for you who want to change the image files such as JPG, BMP, PNG to PDF easily.

But if you just need an application that can change Word (doc) to PDF and MS Office 2007 then it can try another alternative is to install Office Add-in with a size much smaller or less than 1 MB.

Bullzip PDF Printer Download For Windows 

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License: Freeware