Bigo Live Download APK For Android Latest Version


Bigo Live Download APK For Android Latest Version | Bigo Live Download APK For Android Latest Version is an app with a live streaming service. Each broadcaster will get a rating for the live streaming of his. If the more that watch live streaming you, then the rating will be higher. Unlike Instagram, Vine, or Snapchat, which allows you to watch repeatedly, the audience BIGO could only watch as the feature of live streaming broadcaster is enabled. Or if you want to be as a spectator live streaming of other people, you can set the search location you want. BIGO also provides the features to interact between the audience and the broadcaster, namely real-time interaction. You can follow broadcasters to another, commenting on the live stream they are in the form of a chat, or give gifts to broadcasters you like.

To raise the rating, not the least broadcaster wear way that could be considered wrong. As the dress is open or show things that are not obscene. This is not a good thing to be imitated and is carried out on the free application like BIGO this. Because users can come from various circles of society whose age vary. Coupled with the ease to use it, you just need an account in Facebook, Twitter, or Google. So inappropriate, it's not if the child is under the age of found inappropriate content for their watch?

Certainly not all broadcasters showing the negative things, even the broadcaster can provide a spectacle that is as good as displays social activities, shows talents of singing, painting, events in the city where the broadcaster live, OOTD clothes and makeup broadcaster today, there is also a broadcaster that aired the event, entitled religious. Broadcaster can do a lot of the ways to attract the audience by way of each of them.

Bigo Live Download APK For Android Latest Version

Of the two sides of BIGO, now let's discuss how to profit from BIGO.

The higher the rating, the more profit that can be obtained. Excess BIGO from other social media, that features paid. In addition to the assessment of the rating, BIGO also have features leveling. Each broadcaster will begin from level 1. If you've often live streaming watched by many other users, and they gave a positive response to a live streaming you, your level will also be a quick rising. Also can get a reward in the form of ‘bean’ of the audience, if they like live streaming broadcaster.

Bean broadcaster earn can be exchanged for dollars. Bean is the term for a diamond that has been redeemed to be a gift and given to the broadcaster. While the diamond can be said of money on BIGO. Diamond used to give gifts to the broadcaster another. To get a diamond, you can buy it at a price of 60 diamond = 1USD. And the value to bean, that is 210 bean = 1USD.

Now indeed, many people who rate BIGO Live from the negative side. But if a lot of broadcasters new show positive things, it will definitely change the views of society about this app.

Here are some of the reasons that are used when using aplikaasi Bigo Live

1. Bigo live More Fame More Money
One of the perks of this App is to get cash from results Broadcasting Live, the more that comes to chanel Broadcast and give a Gift (terms of gift giving with the icon). Then, more and More people are giving the Gift to us then the Bean we're getting a lot and the Bean can be exchanged into cash.

2. Gamification
Rather than just relying on the number of viewers and followers. Bigo live also has a system leveling. Broadcasters that are new have an account already definitely entered the first level. So users broadcast, watched more and more people, get follback of the user level can be more high. Resembling like a MMORPG game using leveling. If termed done Bigo live is gamafikasi or make apliakasi is like a game that basically is not a game with sisitem level. Therefore, social media can ballooned quickly enough up to the surface, even enter the top 20 apps free most popular

3. Feedback directly
When the user is doing a live broadcast, the user can directly see the comments of the audience. His comments given chat or Gift in the form of bean. Due to the appreciation of the audience instantly look announcer always give this creative always have the materials of broadcasting. Bigo live is a mixture of features of the live broadcast as television with a chat feature present.

4. Can See Who Is Watching
This app merukpakan application that is used to broadcast the activities of the yourself Online through the camera samrtphone and be watched by users of the Bigo live another time. Broadcaster can also find out information about its loyal fans in addition to can't see comments the audience directly. Because each display profile of the audience loyal will appear in the profile. Meanwhile, fans will get notification if the broadcaster his favorite was broadcast on Bigo Live.

5. The existence of the self
This feature is an Application that is created aiming to post the talents, hobbies, habits/routines, and a certain momentum-momentum directly or can be called with the Online, and can be seen directly by the user Bigo Live. Can say this app is petrified meperlihatkan hidden talents in us through this app and watch all penguuna 

Bigo Live. Of the things that will make self-existence we are more visible in the medai social.

Bigo Live Download APK For Android Latest Version 

Version 5.2.1
Category Social
Language English
System Requirements Android
License Free
File Size 66.6 Mb