Avast Secure Browser For Windows Latest Version

Avast Secure Browser For Windows Latest Version 

Soft App Free | Avast Secure Browser For Windows Latest Version. You are using antivirus software on the computer must at least have heard the name of Avast. If You like antivirus, his chances are You will also be interested with the browser besutannya, which has recently been overhauled massive simultaneously renamed the Avast Secure Browser.

As expected, the main priority of this browser is concerning aspects of security and privacy. Avast utilizing the experience of its length in the field of antivirus by employing technology such as anti-phishing and anti-malware, plus there are also unique features such as Bank Mode, which ensures that all the transactions online banking user take place safely.

Main features:

  • Phishing protection
  • Anti-tracking and anti-filtering
  • Protection against extensions that are not reliable
  • Block ads and flash content
  • Password manager
  • HTTPS encryption and stealth mode

Security features are more complete

HTTPS Encryption: Avast Secure Browser forcing every website to use HTTPS connections in presenting the content to the visitor.

Stealth Mode: this Mode opens a new window in your browser that you can use to browse without saving your history. If your computer is used by more than one person, this mode can prevent other people to know what website you will ever visit.

Anti-Tracking: Protect your privacy by blocking efforts to tracking done by the advertising network to know what you do on the internet. The purpose of this tracking is usually to present ads that are more specific to each visitor.

Anti-Phishing: Help you to be more careful against every link listed in the email messages that you receive.

Extension Guard: Protects you from extensions that are dangerous. Cases of security involving the extension is already quite a lot, so this feature is really helpful for you who like to try new extension.

Privacy Cleaner: Keep the browser to always clean from adware.

Download Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser is a Chromium based browser, so you can still access your account Chrome in it. It looks overall quite similar to Google Chrome, unlike Vivaldi overhauled it out so much different than Google Chrome.

From the beginning Avast indeed of the greater importance in terms of security than the display. Tight security has little effect on the performance of the browser, but most users likely will not feel it while browsing the internet. Download Avast Secure Browser is the latest and free for Windows

Avast Secure Browser For Windows Latest Version

Developer: Avast
OS: Windows
Lisensi: Freeware
Ukuran: 4MB