AnyDesk Download For Windows Latest Version


AnyDesk Download For Windows Latest Version

Soft App Free | AnyDesk Download For Windows Latest Version is a computer program that allows one computer to access another computer remotely over the internet the same is the case with the TeamViewer app that is where this application also serves to control the other computers remotely. Understanding access here is that a user can login to the desktop of the computer that is intended, and fully control the mouse and keyboard from the computer tsb.

Paid Version

AnyDesk for business use cost is US$10,99 per month in taxes for a single device and is paid per year. One of the differences between AnyDesk TeamViewer is file size AnyDesk small, only about 3.2 MB, and instead of 25.7 MB such as TeamViewer, and can be run without the need installed first.

To use AnyDesk, you need to do is download it first. Furthermore, You can freely run it directly without the need to install it first. Like TeamViewer, you must also enable it on the other computer You want to remote desktop and on the computer that you use to open the other computer. The file needs to be downloaded and run is the same for both.


AnyDesk can run smoothly and smooth, even with the quality of the bandwidth as low as 100 kB / sec. AnyDesk is an application used remote desktop option for areas with poor internet connection, with the use of 60 fps in the local network and some of the many internet connection.

Here are some of the features of the flagship others AnyDesk:

The Built-in Address Book : With these features, You can see the users who have connected to with Your device and more easily connect to other devices.

Security Encryption : With the technology of the TLS 1.2 standard banking, access the exchange of data that happens to be secured.

Lightweight Application : Its size is only 3Mb. So, not a lot of memory to use and is lightweight.

Anydesk For Android

In addition to using a computer anydesk you can use through the android that functions the same as using the computer, on fersi android anydesk is very convenient for us to use. here's how to use anydesk on android

First Download the app through playstore or googleplay on your android. and just type anydesk and make sure the logo and the inscription on playstore. Install as usual, and make sure that your android support with this version of anydesk latest

After that open the app AnyDesk is in your android, and setting the password first, click the menu button top left and select settings, Security and enter the password, or create your own password you want to use. The important terms making the password is there is a unique character of numbers and letters,

AnyDesk Download For Windows Latest Version

AnyDesk Download For Windows Latest Version

PublisherAnyDesk Software GmbH
System RequirementsWindows 64bit / 32bit
File Size3Mb (Windows) 15Mb (Apk)