Download Telegram X Android, iPhone/iPad Telegram Messenger

Download Telegram X Android, iPhone/iPad Telegram Messenger

Previously I've never written an article about telegram messenger, we can admit that the messenger app one is very popular right now is of use in devices iOS, WP, Android, Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), even available for the web version, the web version you do not have to install telegram app to use it you only need an internet browser to run it. And at this time I will share the download link of telegram x with a little explanation.
Telegram X Android, iPhone/iPad

Download Telegram X Android, iPhone/iPad Telegram Messenger. Download Telegram X Android, iPhone/iPad Telegram Messenger. This app is available only for Android and iOS devices and may still rarely install on their device, perhaps from the reasons already there are official telegram has been installed. But for your consideration to put on this app I will give some of the excess or the difference between telegram and telegram X, although from the developer main the same but still there are some differences among them.

The actual App Telegram X is from Pavel Durov in the implementation of participant content that was developed several years ago as an application of third-party content. But as time goes by telegram x got a direct compliment from the telegram messenger, even good software is mentioned in its official blog. That's what leads to Telegram X to the application which worth you are trying and have features that are so attractive and you will not find on the official Application.

In terms of speed the official app of telegram messenger is already in admit and for those of you who already use will definitely feel the fast software. But even so telegram x faster when compared to the official version, in appeal in terms of appearance that is so good and more good in view, all of that recognition directly from the telegram.

In the telegram x you can see the conversation the last time you do, you only need to press one of the conversations that you want a little longer, they will appear a conversation last that you do, this feature is very helpful, because you don't have to go just to see the previous conversation.

In addition to what I mentioned above still more advantages within the app telegram X, as can be moved only with the Swipe of a screen, more battery saving, have the theme more unique, you can choose the form of conversation that can spoil the eye. For more, you can feel yourself with how to download and install the app telegram X app messenger on your device.

Download Telegram X Android, iPhone/iPad Telegram Messenger

Telegram X iPhone/iPad

App: Telegram X
OS: Android, iPhone/iPad
License: Freeware
Developer: Telegram