Download LightShot Latest Version

Download LightShot Latest Version. Application Lightshot included in the category of one of the software or tools that You can use to take a picture or to a Screenshot of the display that appears on the screen of your monitor. This is very quick and easy to cut out a picture or a screenshot and you can edit directly before you save it. To features tool editing is not complete, there are only a few simple tools.
Download LightShot Latest Version

Download LightShot Latest Version

App: Lightshot
OS: Windows
Type: Screenshooting software
License: Free
Developer(s): Christian Kaiser

For the installation of the application, LightShot is very easy, if you already download this application you have open and follow the very easy steps for you to follow. To you who are already familiar with the application, this is not a difficult thing.

To the usefulness of this app by yourself is take a photo of your computer screen directly or you want to take a photo of the video you're playing or you want to take a photo of the games you play. Actually, there are many apps of this kind and again from your own windows, you can take Screenshots only by using the print screen button in your computer keyboard. But, of course, to take the part that you prefer to need the help application such as Paint which is already available in windows.

But for the application of LightShot you can specify directly which part would you take from your computer screen. Like Crop the image in the Pain, so any gamba that you will save not you should crop again would an additional. 

Audacity also has a tool to write the text that you want, giving lines in the picture, the line of the arrow, marker pen, change the color of the image. In addition to saving you can also share the direct image that you are Screenshots to the 'social networking' media and very interestingly you can print directly.

This is the only review of the application Audacity, I didn't write about how to use it, because I'm sure if you've seen this app instantly understand how to use it and if you can't you can search information on Google, Thank you.