Download GIMP for Windows Best Photo Editor Free

Download GIMP for Windows Best Photo Editor Free

Applications that are paid has become a popular choice as a photo editing Software program that is very much in use by the editor. But for my own choice to use a photo editor app is free, because my needs can still be fulfilled by using a free editor. For those of you who already use the application editor, the paid version does not hurt to use a free application like software GIMP.
GIMP for Windows
GIMP for Windows
Download GIMP for Windows Best Photo Editor Free. Why should GIMP, that's because clear is a free version for photo editor, which Stands for GIMP's own is (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is one of the software that is free which is very useful for you who want to edit photos, such as image authoring, photo retouching, image composition and the other contained in this application.

An editor has actually been long created by Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattisa and developed by the development team GIMP. Launch this software first appeared in 1996 and according to posts I read in Wikipedia, a GIMP released a stable version in November 2018 with the GPL license.

Installation GIMP
For installation in Windows is very easy once you open the results download software GIMP, you will be asked whether to perform the installation of this application, tap the (yes), then apply the language that you want to continue the installation.

Furthermore, the app Installer GIMP will open. Select the folder or place that you will specify to save the installation of this app and click the Install. To change the installation settings and choose add-ons that will be installed, select Customize. GIMP automatically process information the image file GIMP. To be able when you open a file type, you can choose customization options. Next will be given the option to set the file associations.

In the first time you open the application GIMP editor, he will load some data or file that you have. To make the process of loading you have to wait a few minutes until the process is finished, the next display interface GIMP will look on the left side there is a Toolbox and from the right side of the visible layers menu and in the middle of the screen is the opening image.
GIMP for Windows
Screenshot GIMP
In the Toolbox you will find some tools for editing photos or drawing pictures that you want, all that is in the Toolbox it may be you already know its functions, because for those of you who are already familiar with the photo editor that's not a new thing, because we can say almost the same with that of the application of the like, to the information or you can find the information in site official or on google. Only this that I can share if there is an error in the information that I share (sorry) Thank you.

Download GIMP for Windows Best Photo Editor Free

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Type: Raster graphics editor
OS: Windows
License: GPLv3
Developer: GIMP Development Team
Original author: Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis