Download Tor Browser for Android Best Browser Web

Download Tor Browser for Android Best Browser Web

Download Tor Browser for Android Best Browser Web
Download Tor Browser for Android Best Web Browser. For those of you who are already using a web search on your pc, you certainly know how to work the browser on this one. Can be said browsing application internet this one is almost the same with the security owned by the chat app as Telegram, Whatsapp, or a chat application other very strong maintaining the privacy of its users.

After the long-awaited emergence of the app Tor Browser for Android, the Tor Project finally officially released the web browser to the Android version. Browsing app that prioritizes your privacy officially released for Android in alpha version. This software can be downloaded through the Play Store or on the official web page of the Tor Project and to download alternative other we have prepared the link at the end of this article. Although still in alpha version, Tor Browser for Android it also provides the privacy protection that is the same as the version released for the desktop.

As an application focused on protecting your privacy on the internet, the Tor Browser distribute internet traffic that you use through the Tor network located on the selected server that is already in operation around the world. By doing this, the Tor Browser can hide all your internet activity with ruffling detail the location and your IP address now.

The Tor Project released an App Tor Browser for Android and equip it with several features such as:

Tracker Blocker: Tor Browser isolates every user who visits a web site so that third-party tracking or advertising will not be able to follow it. The cookies are automatically deleted when you finish browsing. That means do not leave scars browsing a bit.

Fingerprinting Protection: Features of this Fingerprinting is used to store any information you that based on the information browser and the device you use. Tor Browser for Android will complicate website who will do the fingerprinting to you.

Browser Freely: You will be free of access to all sites websites anything, even sites specifically blocked by the local ISP.

Wear the Tor network: Users will use the network that is connected with the Tor.

Encryption a lot of Layers: All traffic that is accessed with the Tor network is encrypted with the help of the protocol the Onion.

Download Tor Browser for Android Best Browser Web

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