Download Samsung Browser Android Latest Version

Download Samsung Browser Android Latest Version

Samsung is one of the Android devices which is very famous currently, Samsung has some sort of development device which is great when compared with some other companies. Thus, don't be surprised if the famous developer decided to create their own applications, like browser Apps Samsung, even apps in this release can be installed and used on Android devices of other types.
Download Samsung Browser Android Latest Version

Download Samsung Browser Android Latest Version. This is a search website smartphone such as Android or iOS that was developed directly by the developer Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. App Samsung Internet Browser also offers more speed for you and with enough security to keep your browsing.

Samsung Internet Browser already using the Chromium engine M59, this is the improved version of version previous. The excess from this one machine is located on its ability, which can work more efficiently and faster as well as improved graphics to give a gaming experience you a new one.

In terms of the number of various threats from the internet, this application also seeks to provide strong protection to you as a user of his browser. When you browse various sites on the networking internet, Samsung Internet Browser can scan the site website that contains malware or attempt theft of your personal data. If the second indication is found, the browser will notify you so that you choose the website which is other or more alert to websites.

In addition, the app's developer also added some new things to the side of the interface, for example, the addition Add to a home screen that allows users to add website icons to the screen forefront. Then there is also a read mode, a transition tab which is attractive and also supports for devices with RAM less than 1GB.

Features on offer Samsung Browser
Security & Privacy
  • Browsing is Protected > browsing Apps this one will keep you from site-to-site negatived that contain files that harm your device or your privacy.
  • Content Blockers > With this feature of your search will be smooth without the presence of a third-party site.
  • No Track > With you enable this feature all browsing will not get your identity.

UI Improvements
  • Reader Mode > Set the background, font, font size, to allow you to see or read an article on the internet.
  • The URL Bar > quick Access to storage and installation with a single touch.
  • The Download Manager > Has support download quick, can you break, continue, because this feature has been optimized.
  • Tab Swipe > Just by sliding to the side right or left, to get the tabs past or the future.
  • Contrast Mode > Set the contrast of your smartphone display to high contrast, this is very useful for you that is difficult to see on the screen is dark.

More Comfortable
  • Payment Web > With the API payment website, with just a few clicks you can already check out and do payer.
  • Assistant Video > With this feature you can watch the video even your browsing.
  • 360 Video > You can rotate a full 360 video to see is immersive.
  • Assistant Amazon > you will see what's the latest from Amazon and of course with deals in shopping.

Download Samsung Browser Android Latest Version

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Developer: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd