Download Mozilla Thunderbird Browser Latest Version

Download Mozilla Thunderbird Browser Latest Version

Download Mozilla Thunderbird Browser Latest Version. Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the application programs that are useful for reading email or RSS feeds. The application Mozilla Thunderbird is created and developed by Mozilla Foundation. The application Mozilla Thunderbird widely applied and used by various groups of internet users. Software this one is free software that is open source. You can run this application in Windows operating system PC, Mac OS, and Linux.
Download Mozilla Thunderbird Latest Version Thunderbird for Desktop
Mozilla Thunderbird
Software to this computer has many advantages and completeness on the features of the management of the email locally on your PC. Setting the email account list, message search, reading a few emails simultaneously can be done quickly and easily. Features the filters or sorting your email messages easier for Your group or follow the trail of the chronology of the book.

In general, Mozilla Thunderbird has the basic functions as an e-mail client or an app for organizing email. With technology support IMAP/POP as well as HTML, Thunderbird offers the function of setting covers reading, searching, grouping up to import/export your personal email with more easily. You could enter many email accounts in one application. In addition to the function of email clients, Thunderbird can also be used as RSS Feeds as I've mentioned above.

The features of Thunderbird

Guiding the Installation of the Email Account > Before the start of this feature, You first need to know about setting up IMAP, SMTP, and SSL/TLS. Now you have to do is fill in name, email & password You to guide the installation of the email account.

Address list One-click > One-click is an easy way to add a friend on your list. Add the user by clicking star icon on message You have received. Click twice and You will be able to add other details such as photo, date of birth & contact information other.

Reminder > Reminder the attachment figure the attachment of the word in the message and reminds You to add an attachment before sending.

The Search Tab > If You like the tab search Firefox, The email Tab. Tab email makes You can load the email separately so that You can move from tab to quickly. You may respond to an email and have to re-see a previous email. The email Tab makes You can open more than one email for reference.

Double-click or you can directly press enter key on the message, then automatically a new window will open to open the message. To open the message in the tab window background you just need to right click.

When you close the app Thunderbird, the tab that once you open will be automatically saved and if you reopen the app at a later time all you will ever open will be in the show again.

Screening tool Quick > this Feature serves as a Filtering, You can filter your emails quickly. Just by typing in the search box Filtering Quickly and you will get the results you want. Or on the other hand, You can channel Your email by New Messages, Tags, and individuals on your location list.

Search > The pursuit interface in Thunderbird contains separating and course of events apparatuses to pinpoint the precise email you're searching for. Thunderbird additionally records the majority of your messages and talk discussions to enable you to look much quicker. Your list items are shown in a tab so you can without much of a stretch switch forward and backward to your indexed lists and other emails.

Message archive > If think will need to email in the future, but you want to get out of Your inbox without losing it, you just archive it, the Archiving feature allows you to manage the mailbox and enter your message into the system folder of the archive.

Manager Activity > Record all of your work between Thunderbird & the provider of your messages in 1 place. No need guessing anymore. You simply look at 1 place see all of your messages.

Security Strong > Application Thunderbird provides security for user privacy and image protection foreign. To ensure the user's privacy, Thunderbird blocks extraneous images in the messages.

Protection Phishing > this App protect from thieves email that trick you to give personal & important information by giving an indication. Thunderbird warns when you choose a link that takes to different Website.

Automatic updates > System updates Thunderbird check see if You are running latest version & notifies when a security update.

Cut the Junk > trash Thunderbird locales updated to avoid spam. Every email received will be passed through the filter junk mail.

This is just a little review about the application Mozilla Thunderbird which is sourced from its official web, there are many more advantages of this application is to facilitate you in using it. For those of you who want this app please press the download link which is available.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird Browser Latest Version

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The download Link that we provide above for the application Mozilla Thunderbird language English (US). For those of you who want this app with other languages click Here, there are when the new page opens you can choose the download application Thunderbird with the language that you want.

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