Download Chrome Remote Desktop PC

Download Chrome Remote Desktop PC

Google Chrome is one of the many applications of web search, app this web browser developed by Google. With Chrome you can do anything with no constraints because Chrome is designed as an open source browser and certainly has become a web search favorite from year to year. How does this app support all standard technologies such as HTML5 and Flash.
Chrome Remote Desktop Pc
Chrome Remote Desktop Pc
Not just for search web only the Chrome app also has the function or other advantages that we can use as. Chrome this can serve as a remote desktop application, Download Chrome Remote Desktop PC. With this, you do not have to install another app to control your device to your desktop remotely or remote desktop device your friends who need help.

How to Use Chrome as a Remote Desktop application is needed to be aware of those of you who want to use the Chrome app as a Remote Desktop. The actual control Devices of the Desktop PC such as Windows, Linux, MacOs is not new in the world of technology but it's out of the problems that we will discuss because the kits will discuss this time about the app Google Chrome Remote Desktop.

If you have installed this app in your Android device, you can now access the features that you have in the PC just by accessing the internet either from WiFi or 3G then you already can control or remote Desktop of your pc with your Android device.

How To Use Remote Desktop

The first step you should do is Download the Extension Chrome Remote Desktop, with how to open Google Chrome application from your PC, then click menu above the right side of the screen your Chrome and select Extensions and then you open the Chrome Web Store. For simplicity's sake, you can go directly to the address by clicking HERE. Once installed a message will appear that asks for permissions, and you should let.

Once installed correctly, this app will be added to the button Chrome Launch the App, or you can type chrome://apps/ in the address bar and select Chrome Remote Desktop. Let alone if asked the permission of Gmail.

Once it opens you will get two key features, Remote Assistance, and My Computers. Remote Assistance is a feature where you can use when you want to help someone with access to his PC. While My Computers to access your own PC from anywhere.

Make sure the Internet Connection on your PC or Your Android device must be stable new you run the Chrome Remote Desktop for the next you will be given instructions which are very easy for you to follow. Thereafter on the part of the My Computers click Get Started, followed by Enable Remote Connection.

Next input the PIN to your liking, then repeat the entering of the PIN as well as create a password. On the part of My Computers that appear next, You simply click on OK.

Switch from Your PC to your Android device, run the Chrome Remote Desktop you have already installed on your Android device. Click refresh if You do not find the name of Your PC, then input the appropriate PIN that you have created earlier.

For those of you who do not yet have the app Chrome Remote Desktop in the android device, you can pick it up direct from the Play Store on your android for those of you who don't have her you can download the Apk.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop PC

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After the appearance of the PC screen will be on the screen of your Android device, simply by touching the screen you can move the cursor on the PC. Click the object to right click. Hold on the icon of the object to transform or move. Scroll wheel with brings together three of Your fingers on the screen. Scroll just use two fingers. The result appears on the monitor handphone Android. And You can control the cursor of Your computer through the Android.

Chrome Remote Desktop will certainly help to facilitate You to access the PC and the features in it without having to operate directly from your computer. Now you can give an assessment of Chrome Remote Desktop with the Remote Desktop app in the other.