Download Mozilla Firefox iPhone Latest Version

Download Mozilla Firefox iPhone Latest Version Download Mozilla Firefox iPhone Latest Version, you can download easily and safely from a virus in our site, here we only provide the download link for the application Mozilla Firefox latest version, you can also download the Apk Mozilla Firefox for Android Here or Mozilla Firefox for Windows in Here.
Download Mozilla Firefox iPhone Latest Version
The application Mozilla Firefox is an internet search that has long been one of the favorite application for every user who play in the virtual world, free and open source application was first published on 23 September 2002, which was in the name (Phoenix), Firefox first in the release is only for Windows operating systems, MacOs and Linux.

In a time when the Internet Explorer6 dominate the world market, Firefox is present and popular with the speed, security and all that he possessed, can compete better with Internet Explorer6. Firefox was released on November 9, 2004, by the sixty million downloads in nine months, Firefox users are increased until it reaches thirty percent by the end of 2009.

According to a statement from the Mozilla, in December 2014, there are half a billion users of the Firefox app in the entire universe, on the March 2018 Firefox have user use for the desktop browser as much as eleven percent (11%), making it the most popular browser on the second level, much different to the use of other devices, which only have users of 5.5%.

Firefox for IOS is the first release by Mozilla in the year two thousand and fifteen (12 February 2015), support for the iPad, iPod Touch and Apple iPhone, the first version of Firefox that is not using the Gecko engine, whereas for the desktop and mobile version is still using the machine layout Gecko. For Firefox the IOS version, the Mozilla using engine rendering WebKit-based IOS and be able to synchronize browsing history, bookmarks, and recent tabs Firefox.

Features Firefox complete for mobile devices

Sync > this Feature is available for iOS and Android, you can add Firefox to all your devices, get smooth browsing and you can access all your favorite websites, all the passwords you've saved, your browsing history on the internet very easily. You can also send various open tabs between mobile and desktop with great ease.

Privacy > this Feature is available for iOS and Android, with this feature you can control all your browsing with the private browsing mode and you will also get additional protection. With this feature, you can also stop any advertising that continues overshadow you.

Extension & Customization > this Feature is available only for Android; you can easily add thousands of Extension like download video, ad blocking, password management. This feature also supports you to customize the theme appearance according to your wishes; you can even create your own theme.

Speed > this Feature is available for iOS and Android. With the feature of blocking some ads, some automated scripts and elements that are little will certainly speed up browsing or you’re browsing.

Light > this Feature is available for iOS and Android, Firefox Focus is very helpful for you who have a storage facility that mines because Firefox Focus only use a little room your storage of the Photo.

That's a bit of elaboration about the Firefox Focus to iOS, for those of you who want to use this app, you can download in the link we have provided below. Thank you for visiting our website, please fill in the comments for criticism and suggestions.

Download Mozilla Firefox iPhone Latest Version

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Name Of Browser: Mozilla Firefox
System Requirements: iOS
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License: Free, Open Source
Seller: Mozilla Corporation